K-Drama On A Plate -Kimchi Fried Rice
Image Credit: Pexels.com

This is for all the k drama lovers and fans out there, I am sure watching all those k dramas on netflix certainly makes you crave for their delicious and colourful food. You must have heard about fried rice, it's one of the most common dish out there but here we are with a lesser known version of it called “korean kimchi fried rice’ or “kimchi Bokkeum-bap”

It's a popular South Korean dish that's simple to prepare. It's a dish popular among young people who don't have a lot of time on their hands to prepare elaborate dinners; here is where kimchi fried rice comes in handy because it's satisfying, healthful, and quick to prepare.

It's a dish created by stir-frying leftover cooked rice in oil with your choice of vegetables, kimchi, spices, and a key ingredient known as "gochujang," a Korean red chilli sauce that gives the dish a particular flavour and makes it hot and spicy. 

The most significant component is kimchi, a traditional and widely consumed Korean side dish made from fermenting salty vegetables such as cabbage and korean radish. Many spices are used in the fermentation process, giving it a distinct flavour and a tinge of sourness.

Korean fried rice," also known as "kimchi Bokkeum-bap," is a flavorful and delectable dish that takes little time to prepare and is a complete dinner in and of itself, requiring no additional side dishes or gravies. 

If you're prepared to go the extra mile, you may serve it with hot and sour soup.

Apart from making this dish tasty, kimchi is very healthy too as it contains a whole lot of antioxidants, and is full of vitamin A and C. Another unique ingredient commonly used in this dish is “gochujang chilli paste” which is optional to use as not everyone can handle the spice. So, if you're ever at home and can't decide what to make, throw on your chef hat and whip up this dish with leftover rice, your favourite vegetables, spices, and a fried egg on top.

You can also add meat like chicken but that is entirely optional. You can even use store bought kimchi to use in this dish. If you like, you could give this dish an Indian twist by adding your favourite Indian spices to it to suit your likings. 

Restaurants serving authentic kimchi fried rice in new delhi

    Kofuku- Ansal plaza, Price- starting from 420 INR 

    Kori’s -Safdarjung enclave, Price- starting from 280 INR

    Ping’s cafe orient - DLF Avenue, Saket, Price-380 INR