Korangatti: A Tribal Breakfast Dish From Kerala
Image Credit: Korangatti

Take Kerala cuisine, for instance. A great amalgamation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, the culinary affair of Kerala is quite vast and extravagant. There are differences in ingredients and cooking methods within Kerala as well, depending on the district. Like Korangatti, which is located in the Idukki district of the state, the forest area is inhabited by tribal communities that are known for their distinct culture and practices.

What is interesting to note is that they have their own style of idli that is commonly eaten for breakfast. And do you know what it is called? Korangatti. Named after the area itself, the moniker is a reflection of the dish's association with the place where it originated. While not much is known about the history of this dish, it looks like a glutinous cake that is brown in colour. It is also one of the most popular breakfast dishes among tribal people.

For the unfamiliar, Korangatti is made with finger millet and is like an idli or steamed millet cake with a distinct taste and texture. Finger millet, tapioca, and ragi flour are the three most commonly used flours for breakfast in the region, and the former is usually used for making this soft and moist idli called korangatti. The Korangatti is best eaten with bajji, a chutney made from green leaf. It also pairs well with other tribal dishes like senthal adaku, a boiled spinach dish, and champadaku, which is a gravy made from colocasia leaves, tomatoes, and onions.


To make this dish, boil the water in earthen pots and divide it into two halves. In one portion of boiling water, the powdered form of finger millet is added. It is stirred continuously and well mixed, without the addition of any salt or sugar. Next, add more water when the mixture begins to thicken, and once it attains the desired consistency, the mixture is transferred to a plantain leaf. They turn out slightly larger than your regular idlis and have a unique brown colour because of the finger millet. They make for a unique and nutritious breakfast that gives you a bundle of energy to carry on through the day.