6 Pea Dishes To Try This Winter
Image Credit: Pixabey

Many Indian households eagerly wait for peas to arrive in the market in the winter season so that they can cook delicious meals out of them. Peas as vegetables are very dear to Indian households and are one of the greatest-tasting vegetables, providing comfort and nourishment. 

Peas can be used in different dishes in different forms. They can be pureed, boiled, and added like sweet corn. It can also be helpful to garnish. It can also be used as a salad ingredient or filling too. The possibilities with this vegetable are endless. Different dishes provide immeasurable cosiness, adding the dish close to everyone's heart. 

Want to make the most out of the dishes and try to explore more? Don't miss out on these dishes, which elevate your taste buds and bring a new royalty to your dining experience. Make sure to follow each dish mentioned here to make the most out of your favourite vegetable.

1. Koraishutir Kochuri

A popular Bengali winter delicacy, Koraishutir Kochuri is a flavorful filling of spiced peas enclosed in a crisp and flaky bread shell. It's often paired with a side of potato curry. The kochuri is flaky and sweet, while the pea filling is spicy and aromatic. You can have it with tangy mango chutney or a side of Maggie tomato ketchup. You can also add chopped fresh coriander to add a hint of coriander flavour and freshness.

2. Methi Matar Malai

Looking for a comforting winter dish? Methi Matar Malai is a rich, creamy North Indian curry with fenugreek leaves, green peas, and a luscious cashew-based sauce. The dish is very creamy and sweet but has a hint of bitterness from the leaves. It feels like a warm hug on a cold day. Top it with fresh cream and a sprinkle of chopped cashews for richness. Also, you can add saffron flakes for aroma. 

3. Matar Pulao 

Matar Pulao is a fragrant rice dish cooked with peas, aromatic spices, and basmati rice. It's a simple yet satisfying one-pot meal for you to devour. The pulao is aromatic, with the sweetness of peas infusing the rice, making it a delightful and comforting dish. It can go beautifully with any curry with a side of chutney and bhujia. Adding coriander and crisp onions as garnish can also elevate this dish.

4. Peas and Mushroom Masala

This hearty curry with peas and mushrooms in a rich, flavorful, tomato-based masala. The dish has a robust and savoury flavour, blending spices, peas, and earthy mushrooms. It's a perfect option for a comforting and nutritious winter meal. You can also temper it with spices and ghee. Adding butter to this dish is also recommended. Dry fruits such as almonds and cashews can add a good crunch.


5. Green Peas Soup

Elevate the taste with a squeeze of lemon just before serving to add a zesty kick. Devour a warm and nourishing soup made with green peas, onions, garlic, and vegetable broth. The soup is comforting and slightly sweet from the peas, with a savoury taste from the onions and garlic. This soup is perfect for chilly winter evenings.

6. Palak Matar

Wholesome winter dish which goes perfectly with naan? Try Palak Matar, a vibrant and nutritious curry with lots of spinach and peas cooked in spiced tomato and onion gravy. The taste is heavenly and rich, with the sweetness of peas and the earthy flavours of spinach. You can also temper it with a finishing touch of garam masala.