Savour the Matar: 9 Winter Special Green Peas Recipes to Enjoy

The onset of winter brings with it a magical array of seasonal treasures, one of which is the culinary gem that is the sweet and delicate matar, often known as green peas. Matar steals the show, infusing every meal with its delicious sweetness. The cold weather provides an ideal setting in which to test out the adaptability of this winter special. Indulge in the warm, fuzzy feelings that come with wintertime with these delectable recipes that range from heavy curries to crispy snacks. 

Hara Bhara Kebab 

A vegetarian treat, Hara Bhara Kebabs are a great place to start when exploring vegetarian cuisine. Matar, spinach, and fragrant spices come together to make these greenest kebabs. They are pan-fried to perfection, so they have a crunchy outside and a tender, juicy within. You can eat them as a side dish or serve them as an appetiser. 

Patta Gobhi Matar 

Cabbage and peas curry, also known as Patta Gobhi Matar, is a filling dish that combines the earthy cabbage taste with the sweet matar. On a cold winter night, this dish will warm you up with its cosy and nourishing ingredients, and it goes wonderfully with steamed rice or hot rotis. 

Matar Kachori 

Matar Kachori is a beloved snack that perfectly captures the spirit of winter. It consists of a delightful crispy pastry that encloses a delicious filling of spiced green peas. This snack is a true delight for the taste buds, with its combination of a flaky crust and a flavorful pea filling. When you pair it with a tangy chutney, you'll have the ideal accompaniment for a cosy winter evening. 

Matar Paratha 

Matar Paratha is a delicious flatbread that is stuffed with flavorful seasoned green peas. It makes for a satisfying and nourishing choice for breakfast or lunch, especially during the winter season. Every bite of winter peas is filled with a pleasing sweetness and tenderness, making it a truly comforting experience. These parathas are perfect for a nourishing winter meal when served alongside yoghurt or pickles. 

Methi Malai Matar 

The dish called Methi Malai Matar brings together the slightly bitter taste of fenugreek leaves (methi) with the wonderful sweetness of green peas in a luscious and creamy sauce. During the winter season, this delightful treat combines a balanced combination of flavours, resulting in a dish that is both extravagant and soothing. You can enjoy it with naan or rice to create a satisfying winter meal. 

Chura Matar Poha 

A delicious breakfast choice from Uttar Pradesh, Chura Matar Poha combines flattened rice (chura) with green peas. Complementing the texture of the poha, the meal is bursting with freshness thanks to the sweet and delicate peas. Enjoy a delicious breakfast that showcases the variety of Indian cuisine with this regional winter speciality. 


A classic North Indian dish, nimoa skillfully uses matar, a winter speciality, in its preparation. The aromatic base of this delectable curry is made with mashed green peas combined with spices. Nimona, a hearty dish that is often paired with potatoes or paneer, is a celebration of the winter harvest that provides a satisfying and nutritious dinner. This meal is a wintertime must-try because of the wonderful texture that the sweet and delicate matar adds.  

Koraishotir Kochuri 

Koraishotir Kochuri is a delightful Bengali dish that celebrates the vibrant flavours of fresh green peas, perfectly capturing the essence of the season. These delicious bread pockets are fried until golden and puffed, and inside, they are filled with a flavorful mixture of mashed peas that adds a delightful burst of taste in every mouthful. Koraishotir Kochuri is a beloved winter breakfast or snack that features a deliciously crispy outer layer and a flavorful filling made with peas. It's a perfect example of how versatile peas can be in creating delightful regional dishes. 

Green Peas Broccoli Soup 

The Green Peas Broccoli Soup is a delicious and nourishing winter dish that brings together the natural goodness of green peas and the health advantages of broccoli. The soup is incredibly smooth and has a delightful combination of sweet peas and the rich, earthy taste of broccoli. It creates a comforting and balanced flavour that is truly satisfying. This soup is made even more delicious with a blend of herbs and spices. It not only pleases your taste buds but also provides nourishment, making it a perfect choice for your winter recipe collection.