Manoj-Konkona Feast On 'Killer' Soup, Cakes & More

Abhishek Chaubey’s new web series, Killer Soup, has finally landed on Netflix and stars Konkona Sen Sharma and Manoj Bajpayee. The thriller is already garnering quite a lot of interest online and to promote the film, Konkona dropped a series of pictures where she’s seen posing next to a table laid out with yummy-licious food, alongside her co-star Manoj Bajpayee

The food-themed photoshoot makes sense as food plays a crucial role in the film as Konkona’s character Swati Shetty plays a home chef in the series, albeit an amateur one. This mouth-watering spread featured in the photoshoot serves as a nod to Sen's character in the series, who is a cook aspiring to open her restaurant.

The shoot features Konkona in a sharp lime-coloured suit, while Manoj also matches the monotone memo and goes for a stylish grey blazer and black tee. The co-stars are seen sitting around a table laden with treats like burgers with crispy potato wedges, layered sandwiches, a tempting tart, cupcakes, pastries, brownies, a steaming cup of black coffee and a lot more. 

In one of the images, Konkona sits solo in a diner booth, which could be straight out of Riverdale! She sits with a tall, creamy glass of frozen chocolate drink topped with whipped cream, alongside some cake, a chic cupcake and sandwiches, while a tart and burger also peak into the frame. In another snap, she is seen helping herself to a burger while a large pizza sits on the table.

There’s no doubt that Both Manoj and Konkona are bona fide foodies and know their way around a kitchen in real life. A few days ago, Manoj whipped up some delicious palak ka shorba for Konkona and the Netflix crew, as part of a promotional campaign. Konkona also shared some behind-the-scene moments from the shooting of the series which feature several of her co-stars and members of her crew. 

Killer Soup is partially inspired by real-life events. It revolves around an amateur home chef named Swati Shetty (Konkana), who is married to Prabhakar (Manoj) but is in love with Umesh Pillai, a man who looks exactly like her husband. Swati and Umesh come up with a plan to kill Prabhakar and replace him with Umesh. 

Though the makers have maintained that it’s a work of fiction which only borrows elements from real incidents, fans have speculated that the show is loosely inspired by the 2017 Telangana murder case where a woman named M Swathi Reddy killed her husband Sudhakar Reddy and swapped him with her friend Rajesh.

Swathi threw a small amount of acid on Rajesh's face and claimed that Sudhakar was attacked by some people. Rajesh was rushed to the hospital where the doctor recommended plastic surgery. Sudhakar’s family grew suspicious of Rajesh. Their suspicions were confirmed when Rajesh refused to drink the mutton soup that was being served to the patients and said he was a vegetarian, whereas Sudhakar was a non-vegetarian and loved meat.