Kolkata To Get Bangkok-Style Street Food Carts Across The City
Image Credit: Street Food | Image Credit: Google.com

Kolkata is the home of a vibrant culinary scene, making it a significant food hub in India. The city provides an array of savoury and sweet treats that satiate the taste buds of the locals as well as the tourists. From mouthwatering puchkas to sweets like roshogolla and sandesh, the city has something tempting to offer from every corner. Besides, the street food of Kolkata has a different fan base. To make it even better, the street food scene may soon be seen in Bangkok-style Street food carts. 

Bangkok-style street food will soon make its way to the streets of Kolkata, embracing a flavourful twist to the city’s street food scene. The city will witness a fusion of two vibrant food cultures, making street food more of a delightful and delicious adventure. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is planning to establish Bangkok-style street food carts in different parts of the city. The set-up chosen for such an initiative is New Market, the south gate of Victoria Memorial, Millennium Park, and Prinsep Ghat. 

Reportedly, the hawkers who will handle the carts will offer a variety of iconic street food items. From breakfast to lunch, customers will be able to avail themselves of time-appropriate food options. Besides, the stalls will be designed by skilled professionals, primarily aiming for cleanliness.


KMC has appointed consultants who will be looking after food streets and is preparing to collaborate with the All-India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health (AIIH & PH) to educate the street food vendors about cleanliness and safety practises. KMC will provide infrastructure support such as uninterrupted water supply, illumination, maintenance of roads and pavements, and a special cleaning drive. 

A survey conducted by AIIH and PH mentioned that the nutritional value of Kolkata’s street food stalls lacked basic hygiene, which was evident from the washing of the utensils. Notably, the consultants will look after the food item prices. This approach will enable the city to attract more tourists, both local and international, similar to that of Bangkok. 

Bangkok is popular for its street food culture, which brings forth the traditional food of the city. This attracts a whole range of tourists – local and foreign. Not only does Bangkok concentrate on cuisine, but also hygiene and affordability. Food lovers often flock to Jodd Fair Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Srinakarin Train Market, and Silom, among other places in Bangkok, to taste the culinary tastes of Thailand and beyond.