Know Why Tulsi Tea Is A Boon

I have grown up seeing my grandmother and mother worshipping the Tulsi plant. My mother used to tell me that Tulsi is known to be the manifestation of Lakshmi Maa. In Indian households, we see worshipping of Tulsi as it is considered sacred, and its plant is seen in the verandah of almost every household. Apart from having such a strong religious significance, tulsi or holy basil has ample qualities. Also referred to as the queen of herbs, this aromatic and medicinal perennial shrub is native to India and grows in different parts of South Asia.

When we said medicinal, we actually mean it. Tulsi is a medicinal shrub and is considered to be a key ingredient in Ayurveda as well as naturopathy. Because of packed with so many vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A along with calcium, manganese, and zinc. For ages, tulsi has been known as a very effective remedy. It has shown positive results when it comes to curing several bone-related ailments, respiratory illnesses as well as gastrointestinal disorders. 

Whenever I have a cough or cold, my mother hands me some raw tea leaves to chew. Believe me, I haven’t seen a remedy better than this. Not only just this but tulsi leaves are also very beneficial for the skin. It is even used in cosmetic products. The most common way in which tea leaves are used in Indian households is… can anyone guess? Yes, chai. Tulsi wali chai or Tulsi tea requires no introduction. It is a perfect remedy to cure cold, coughs, and many respiratory disorders. Let us look at the detailed benefits of tulsi tea and know why it is a boon. 

Helps in Boosting Immunity

Because of the presence of several vitamins especially vitamin C and minerals including zinc, the consumption of Tulsi tea can improve the body’s immunity. It has antibacterial properties that prevent seasonal infections. It also promotes good metabolism.

Helps in Improving Digestion

If you have a digestion problem, you should have nothing but Tulsi tea. Studies have claimed that tulsi tea can actually stimulate the release of gastric juices. Because of its antispasmodic effects, it can help in getting rid of constipation and thus, smoothens the digestive system.

Promotes Better Oral Health

This is something that many people may know but don’t apply. Tulsi has antimicrobial properties which can help in fighting harmful germs and bacteria in the mouth. Besides, its essence helps in getting rid of bad breath and freshens up the mouth.

Helps in Reducing Stress

Several known studies have claimed that the Tulsi plant has anti-stress properties and many other elements that can help in reducing mental stress that may be because of any factor be it emotional, physical, or any other.

I don’t think that there could be any person who hasn’t tasted Tulsi tea, but it is not about the taste but so many properties that it has. Next time, do have the Tulsi tea while keeping all these benefits in mind.