Tea is a crucial part of our everyday routine. However, as many have observed the health problems related to normal tea, a shift to healthier options is obvious. From green tea to hibiscus tea, there are varieties of healthy teas that you can include in your diet. These teas are refreshing, look pleasant, and are beneficial for us. Rice tea is one of the healthiest alternatives. You will be perplexed by how it's still lesser known. The Britishers came to India and introduced tea to us and now it has become an integral part of our food habits. But rice tea is being made in Shillong for decades and it was lost after the popular caffeinated tea came with British rule. Rice tea remained a thing within a few developed areas only and is still rare. In Meghalaya, it is known as Cha-Koo and Genmaicha in Japan.

How can you make rice tea?

It is made using dry roasted red or black rice. After boiling the water, add the rice, strain, and serve like any other tea. If you are including it for health benefits, then you can choose to avoid sugar. However, sugar could be added for an enhanced taste.

Benefits of rice tea

The rice used in it is itself very healthy for the body. Red rice and black rice (also known as Forbidden Rice) contain anthocyanin which is very good for health. They are rich in antioxidants and nutrients good for the body and skin. The forbidden rice tastes like black coffee or normal tea served without milk and sugar. You can add the green tea and make it in the Japanese style too. Genmaicha is considered to be good for diabetes, reducing the risks of cancer and heart diseases, and for better oral health.

So, now is the time to replace your regular addictive milk tea with healthy and refreshing rice tea.