How To Make Tea; 5 Unique Tea Recipes To Try

For chai lovers, is there anything better than the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of the hot beverage? I would say no. Enjoying a hot cup tea on a breezy day is one of the most underrated simplest pleasures in life. And while one may think that making a cup of tea is probably the easiest task in the kitchen but it can definitely be tricky. Especially, if you have a tea connoisseur in the house. A tea perfectionist would be particular about the type of tea leaves, the proportion of ingredients, the use of spices and lot more. On top of that, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to tea. Some would like with lmore, little or no milk, some would like with lots of spices, and so to get that cup of tea right each time requires some skill and knowledge. The ingredients need to be in proportion, the ratio of milk to water should be right and it needs to be brewed just enough to make boost the flavours. And only once you've mastered the perfect recipe and technique, it's time to experiment. 

While there may be variations in the way one likes one's cup of tea, the loyalty towards chai remains the same. No wonder it is one of the most revered beverages of all times, and is immensely popular especially among Indians, so much so that it makes a part of our daily routine. While most of Indians prefer their tea with milk and sugar, did you know there are many times of teas one can try? If you are open to experiment, we’ve got a few recipes to give a try.  

1. Ayurvedic Detox Turmeric Tea 

With the goodness of fresh turmeric, ginger and whole spices to cleanse the body, this detox tea with a squeeze of lemon in the end is a refreshing spin to your regular tea. 

2. Sulaimani Chai 

A popular tea in Kerala, Sulaimani tea is believed to have originated from the traditions of Arab. It is a spiced black tea without milk which is brewed to a golden color with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger with tea powder. It is said to be a version of a drink ‘ghava’ that Prophet Mohammed used to enjoy. It had dates and black pepper but was initially brewed without tea powder or even sugar. With time, this drink kept changing and was introduced to the Malabar coast of India by Arab traders. 

3. Masala Chai 

One of the most popular versions of chai in India, masala chai is a wholesome brew of spices, tea leaves and milk that is perfect for your sore throat or runny nose. From connamon and cardamom to black pepper and ginger, masala chai has it all.  

4. Irani Chai 

Call it Irani chai or Hyderabadi Dum Chai, it is a Persian-influenced tea that is extremely popular in the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad. This sweet and creamy chai has a unique flavour, and is said to have been introduced by the Persians somewhere in the 19th century. The chai is slowly brewed through dum technique with warm spices such as cardamoms and cinnamon, and is then mixed with a creamy reduced milk mixture which is traditionally made with milk and khoya. One can also use heavy cream or condensed milk instead of it. 

5. Hibiscus Tea  

Try this milk-free tea which is absolutely refreshing with the addition of Hibiscus flowers, ginger, cinnamon and lemon.