Know Why Bajra Khichdi Is A Boon For Health
Image Credit: Instagram/soam.babulnath

Mainly consumed in the Winter months, Bajra is known for providing warmth to the body. It is gluten-free and light for the stomach. Moreover, it is easy to digest and thus, makes for perfect food. It is essential to include a variety of millets in our diet because it is loaded with so many vitamins and minerals. Bajra millet is extremely healthy for the body. When there is bajra, bajra khichdi has to be there. It is considered a boon for health, especially in winter. Wanna know why? 

Bajra Khichdi is the most popular consumed in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bajra is cultivated on a large scale in Rajasthan and thus, it is a staple diet of people there. Bajra is usually consumed with flour. Grey in colour, Bajra has a nutty flavour and is an absolute of wheat and rice. Moreover, it can be consumed with rice and wheat for more benefits. Wanna know why Bajra Khichdi is ideal for winter? Read on..

Cure For Anemia 

Bajra is considered a boon for those suffering from Anemia. Bajra is loaded with iron that helps in curing and preventing anemia. Not just for adults but Bajra is ideal also for Christmas. Bajra helps in improving memories as well as cognitive abilities.  

Ideal For Diabetes 

If you want to have a food perfect that could balance your diabetes, Bajra khichdi is what you need. Bajra is loaded with magnesium and helps in regulating glucose receptors in the body. It also lowers insulin resistance and thus, is considered beneficial for diabetics.  

Good For Constipation 

Apart from magnesium and iron, bajra also has a high content of soluble fiber which smoothens the digestive process and bowel movement. Since it doesn’t dissolve in water, it passes unprocessed through the stomach and gets eliminated from the body easily. You didn’t know this, did you? 

Detoxifies The Body 

Bajra has so many flavonoids and thus, has a high content of antioxidants. It not just prevents infections but also helps in anti-aging. Moreover, it is good for the skin as well as the eyes. It cleans out unwanted elements from the body and helps in detoxifying.  

Aids Weight Loss 

Bajra Khichdi contains complex carbohydrates and gets slowly absorbed in the body. It creates a feeling of fullness and keeps hunger pangs at bay. It prevents overeating and thus, is considered ideal for weight loss.  

These are some reasons why Bajra khichdi is considered beneficial. Now, it’s time for the recipe. Follow the steps below and make this soothing and healthy Khichdi at home.