For Indians, winters are mostly about food. With the arrival of the festive season, we Indians get all ready to welcome the winters. Winters in India come with a vast array of delicious regional delicacies that are made with the winter local produce. From fresh spinach to cauliflowers and radishes, there is no end to the list of nutritious and decadent winter produce in India. 

For me and my family, winters are all about trying the different regional winter delicacies with fresh produce. No matter what, a day should start and end with a warm and comforting meal. In the winter of 2019, my aunt had visited us from Vellore. One afternoon, we thought of having a comforting rice and sambar lunch which obviously my aunt made. Trust me when I say this, we ate sambar for the next three days- with rice, roti and dosa. The appetizing aroma, the assortment of nutritious veggies and the melange of savoury and tangy flavours were enough to make us all drool over the curry. Although my mom jotted my aunt’s recipe down and tried the dish after my aunt was gone, it seemed like something was missing from it. We figured out that there are some really minute things to be taken care of while making sambar. Here are some easy tips and tricks for you to follow to make the perfect sambar at home. 

1. Sambar powder can make or break the flavour and aroma of sambar. Use the best variety available in the market or make it yourself at home. 

2. Use fresh and unpolished tuvar dal for flavour and nutrition.

3. It is recommended to use fresh tamarind for elevated flavour. If you are using aged tamarind, then make sure you use it in small quantities as it is sourer. 

4. Make sure you temper the spices and herbs on low heat. 

5. Consistency is one of the vital things to pay attention to while making sambar. Make it thick if you are planning to serve it with rice and thin in case of dosa, idli and vada. 

We hope these tips will help you relish a flavourful and aromatic sambar at home. Do follow the detailed recipe and let us know how you like it.