Kitchen Tips: The 7 Clever Pantry Storage Tips
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The kitchen pantry is undoubtedly an imperative part of the house that is responsible for storing all the food in the house. It stores everything from spices to dry snacks and even kitchen appliances. Just like one's wardrobe, effective placement and space management in the kitchen pantry are integral to finding the right thing at the right time.

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Because a kitchen pantry is a storehouse of different types of kitchen equipment and food items, it might become hard for one to navigate and find what is needed. To avoid such a mess, one should always look for measures to keep upgrading their kitchen pantry from time to time. Here are some pantry organisation ideas that are surely going to make one's pantry more systematic and the best part is that these tricks are quite sustainable as well.

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* Grouping Like Items

One of the most basic tips for organising a kitchen pantry is to start by grouping similar items. One can simply start separating all that is kept in the kitchen pantry based on its purpose. For example, all the kitchen equipment, like the hand blender, toaster, whisker, and other stuff that is stored in the kitchen pantry, must be placed together. Different types of spices can be grouped together. All these things can be kept in big baskets all together that can accommodate everything in a single place. One can go for some jute baskets as their study, but they are also flexible.

* Throw Away What Is Not Needed

During the process of separating items and assorting them, try to throw away what has not been used for a long time or is past its expiration date. Even if it's a cookbook collection, appliances or spices that were bought once with a lot of enthusiasm but weren't used as much as one thought they would in their kitchen. It is very important to let go of things that are not being used to make space for newer items and the ones that are used a lot more.

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* Arranging According To Usage

While giving a particular space to food items or equipment in the pantry, one must keep in mind the usage of these things. All the food items or equipment that are used more rampantly by all the members of the family must be given a more accessible sport. The accessibility will ensure that everyone can find these things easily. On the other hand, things that are not used as often can be kept at the end or in a slightly inaccessible place since their use is not as pervasive.

* Keep Reusing Storage Containers

Always keep reusing storage containers for one purpose or another. If a person feels that a particular storage container doesn't have enough capacity for the food item that it was bought for, then it can be used for something else. To have a perfectly organised pantry, it is not important to keep buying new containers from time to time. Most of the time, one has all the needed storage containers already at home. It is just that one has to tactfully select the right container for the right food item, like different kinds of lentils that are often stored in an Indian kitchen.

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* Maximize Space

Try to make the most use of space and not waste even an inch of pantry space, fixing boxes and containers correctly is very helpful. Try to keep all the frequently used items at eye level. Small cans can be kept on top of larger cans to save space. One can also effectively use their pantry doors by adding small hooks or wire shelves to them. These hooks and shells can accommodate small things like kitchen napkins, aprons, and serving spoons.

* Paste A Tag List

Not all the containers present in one's kitchen pantry have to be transparent so that one can see what is inside them. Also, a lot of times, two food items may look very similar to each other from the outside. In this case, it is always efficient to paste some tag lists on the top of containers and write what is kept inside the containers. This will help in keeping a check on what is inside the containers and one will not have to open different boxes again and again to find what they're looking for. The pantry organisation will remain undisturbed.

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* Hanging A Shopping List In the Pantry

To keep a check on what has to be bought, one can simply hang a shopping list in the pantry. It is always easier to instantly write down all the groceries that have to be refilled. One won't have to make a mental list and one can simply add groceries one by one to the list by looking at the pantry.