Meal-Planning Made Easy With 5 Pantry Staples
Image Credit: Unsplash

Broth Cubes

Stock cubes or bouillon is the underdog pantry go-to to add an instant umami flavour to soups, stews and curries. The concentrated flavour profiles of stock cubes allow for meals that feel like you spent hours slaving over the stove. Need a warm comforting bowl of ramen? Make the broth using a chicken or beef bouillon for a delicious soup ready within minutes.


Perhaps this one goes without saying but having a bag or two of different varieties of pasta almost tricks you into believing that a meal is just minutes away. You could always buy a jar of tomato sauce or pesto from the supermarket and dress up cooked pasta for a meal that’s healthy and fulfilling, alongside a salad or a piece of grilled chicken.



The highly polarising condiment, when mixed with herbs, garlic and mustard is so perfect to slather on a sandwich or as a dressing on salads even. While mayonnaise on its own might not be very appreciated by most people, it’s easy to create an instant chip-and-dip dinner by mixing it with some French onion jam or spicy thecha that goes very well with crackers or crudites.

Soy Sauce or Tamari

Asian food, even outside of takeout, is really easy to throw together. A meal of grilled pakchoi along with a bowl of soy garlic noodles is nutritious and light, perfect for a weekday dinner to feed a family. It adds a saline hit that is hard to miss and also lends itself to the occasional dipping sauce or salad dressing.


Let’s be honest; there is no such thing as too much cheese. Of course, when you don’t indulge yourself, a wedge of cheese made from raw milk or bought from a deli can be crumbled into almost anything from a quick sauce for chicken or for pasta, salads or baked in an oven and eaten like a fondue. Either way, cheese always makes life better.