Kitchen Tips: How To Store Pulses For A Longer Time

Ask any Indian about their comfort food preference. And you are most likely to hear names like chawal/roti with dal, chhole and rajma. Evidently, pulses are inseparable from Indian kitchens. No matter what day of the week it is, you will find pulses in most meals. 

Born and brought up in Odisha and now living in Delhi, my diet majorly comprises a variety of pulses. From having dalma for lunch to chhole chawal for dinner, pulses are an important part of my everyday food. However, my love for pulses takes a back seat when I see little bugs roaming inside the jars containing them. And I think this is an issue that many of us face. We often buy pulses in bulk, store them in boxes and forget about them. This leads to the growth of insects that are ready to devour them down. Here are some easy tips to store pulses and keep them fresh for a long time.

1. Neem Leaves 

Placing neem leaves in the pulses container is a tried and tested hack, and it is definitely useful. How to do it? Place some neem leaves at the bottom of the container and then store the pulses.  

2. Sunlight

Exposing the lentils to sunlight will help get rid of all the moisture that lead to the growth of microorganisms. Besides, keeping them under sunlight will also stop the growth of the present bugs and might as well kill them.

3. Garlic

Placing fresh garlic pods in a container full of pulses is a foolproof hack that you can count on. Put the garlic cloves and stir them well. Keep checking the container frequently and remove the cloves when they dry up.

Try these hacks to store your pulses and let us know if they work.