The love between confectionary items and Indians is no confidential affair. Mention sweets and watch Indians drool over them already. From the lip-smacking Kheer to the scrumptious array of pedas and barfi, Indian cuisine is a storehouse of decadent confectionary items. 

Personally, I cannot go on a single winter day without a sweet after dinner. My day has to end with a decadent sweet treat. Be it anything- piping hot jalebis with rabdi, a bowl of kheer or sooji halwa or the gobsmackingly delicious khoya pedas, any Indian sweet treat can tempt my sweet tooth. Recently, I thought of taking a break from market-bought sweets for various reasons including health and sanitation. Instead, I thought of making them at home from scratch. While searching for suitable recipes, I realized that most of my favourite Indian sweets have one thing in common- khoya. However, after two attempts at making khoya, I realized that making the ingredient is not as easy as savouring delicacies made out of it. So, here are some tips and tricks that helped me make perfectly pure khoya at home. 

1. Quality of milk 

It is always advisable to use full-cream milk while making khoya. The quality and freshness of milk also affect the texture and flavour of khoya. Use fresh and good-quality milk for the best results. 

2. Choice of utensil

Use a big, deep-bottomed non-stick pan to make khoya. This will make sure that the milk doesn’t overflow while boiling and gets burnt in the bottom. 

3. Stirring game strong 

Make sure you keep stirring and scraping the sides and the bottom of the pan at regular intervals while the milk is simmering down. Don’t forget to mix the milk with the scraped sides simultaneously to thicken it faster. 

4. Don’t overcook

One of the major reasons responsible for chewy Khoya is overcooking. It’s important to turn the flame off and transfer the khoya to a flat plate to cool it down. Leaving it in the hot wok or pan will lead to overcooking which will ruin the texture of Khoya. 

Follow these tips and tricks the next time you make Khoya at home for the best results. Try the embedded recipes and let us know how you like them.