If we begin to list some of the most popular bite-size snacks of India, Shakarpara is sure to be one of the mentioned dishes. Popularly savoured on Holi and Diwali in the western states of India, Shakarpara can be stored in airtight containers for a month or more. 

When I was in Delhi, Shakarpaare used to be my mandatory evening snack. Listening to indie-pop music with Shakarpaare and chai used to be my favourite evening snack. Although the dish is not as popular in Odisha, having a roommate from UP was a perk. Every trip to her home was accompanied by the orders to pack some delicacies and Shakarpaara was one of them. The crispy and sweet snack was perfect to gobble down anytime, be it late-night study sessions or lazy evenings. However, the lockdown played its game and I had to come down to Odisha. With that, my cravings for Shakaraara escalated and the need to make the tiny globules at home became more urgent. However, with my first try, I realized that making Shakarpaara at home isn’t an easy task. So, to help you avoid some common mistakes while making Shakarpaara, we have some easy tips that you can apply. 

1. To reduce the subsequent cooling time, heat the milk just right for the sugar to melt. 

2. Allow the dough to rest for at least 20 minutes before shaping it. 

3. Make sure you place the shaped Shakarpaare separately to prevent sticking. 

4. Make sure you fry the Shakarpaare on medium-low heat. Frying on high heat will lead to the shaped Shakarpaare being brown on the outside and under-cooked on the inside. 

5. Drain the Shakarpaare on a paper towel to remove excess oil. 

6. The most important factor responsible for retaining the crispiness of Shakarpaare is storage. Allow the Shakarpaare to cool down completely before storing them in airtight jars. 

We hope these tips will let you enjoy perfectly crispy Shakarpaare for days. You can follow the detailed recipe to make them at home.