Kitchen Tips: 5 Fool-Proof Ways To Peel Garlic Easily
Image Credit: Unsplash

Among the most often used ingredients, garlic is a flavour allium crucial to a variety of recipes that are beloved by most. But it's painful to scrape off the thin, papery skin of many cloves.

How then, can one overcome this problem and easily peel garlic? Thanks to the numerous methods available for getting rid of garlic peels in a quicker fashion, it is actually feasible to peel the aromatic without any hassle. Here are a few techniques to help you swiftly and correctly peel it.

Shaking Method

Peeling garlic requires first pressing the entire bulb apart with your finger. Now get a vessel that has a deep bottom. To ensure that every garlic bud is separated, place four to five buds in the pot, cover it, and shake the vessel briskly. The peel will not come off when you open it, but the buds will be separated. Shake the pot once more for a while; most of the buds will peel off.

Knife Method

This technique became popular a while back since it's one of the easiest methods to swiftly and easily get rid of garlic skins. Simply place a sharp paring knife into the top side of a garlic clove, twist the knife slightly, and remove the peeled clove effortlessly. It is important to acknowledge that this technique is not suitable for individuals who lack experience with handling blades. Furthermore, this technique works only with mature garlic that has hardened peels.

Microwave Method

Simply insert a whole garlic clove into a microwave-proof dish and microwave for 10-15 seconds. By doing this, the skin becomes more pliable, enabling peeling it quickly and easily possible. To keep the cloves moist in the microwave, you may also add a small amount of water if you're worried about them drying up.

Warm Water Method

Heat some water in a bowl before peeling the garlic. Now gently immerse each clove into lukewarm water. Let it sit for 10 minutes to allow the peel to get somewhat clean. Next, give the herb a little massage with your palm to help loosen the peel. The warm water allows the grip of the garlic peels to loosen and detach, which makes the peeling process easier.

Freezing Method

This trick, which is among the less well-known ways to peel garlic, should only be utilised when you have plenty of time or need to peel a lot of garlic at once. All you have to do is put the unpeeled cloves in a freezer-safe bag and let them sit there for a few hours. Similar to roasting garlic cloves, freezing them results in a tougher peel and a softer clove. Simply remove the frozen cloves and squeeze them whenever you need them. The clove and the peel will immediately separate.