5 Tips To Turn Regular Garlic Bread into And Extra-Special
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No party is complete without some delicious garlic breads that are enjoyed with flavourful dips. Garlic breads are available in a lot of varieties. These come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffings and are quite popular among both children and adults. 

In fact, by using a more fulfilling stuffing for garlic bread, one can even make it a standalone dish instead of an appetiser. However, eating the same kinds of garlic bread over and over again can make it boring. One must constantly reinvent the conventional recipes used to make several snacks at home to keep getting the same gratification out of the food. 

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Here are some spectacular tips that can help in transforming regular garlic bread into something extra delicious and special. 

* Herbs And Cheese

The combination of melted Cheese and herbs is what makes garlic bread so special. This is a similar combination that one finds in pizza which is why both pizza and garlic bread are so popular among people around the world. While making garlic bread at home, people often don't follow the exact recipe, and instead of using proper herbs, people go for whatever spices are available in the kitchen. This is not at all a good idea, especially for someone who wants the garlic bread to have authentic Italian flavours. Avoid using regular Indian spices for making Italian dishes and go for Italian herbs. One can go for a variety of Italian herbs, including thyme, rosemary, oregano, and parsley. After spreading the herbs properly, a layer of cheese must be sprinkled over these herbs. A dash of butter is also necessary as it will perform the role of a catalyst between cheese and herbs.

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* Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is a beloved north Indian snack that is extremely popular among vegetarians. It can be categorised as a rather healthy snack because it is made from Paneer which is high in protein and it is also grilled and not fried. The combination of Paneer tikka and garlic bread is out of the ordinary. The smoky flavours of Paneer tikka complement the cheesiness of garlic bread. This can take the regular garlic bread to the next level. All that one has to do is simply marinate some Paneer cubes with yoghurt and spices. These Paneer pieces must be grilled on the griller. The grilled pieces of Paneer tikka must be stuffed inside the garlic bread, and it should be baked until it becomes golden brown from the outside. The drool-worthy combination of Paneer tikka and garlic bread is to die for.

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* Extra Punch of Garlic

Giving the regular garlic bread an extra punch of garlic can do so much for the garlic bread. Garlic has a very delicious and evident flavour of its own that gets enhanced when it is combined with something creamy like butter and cheese. This can be done by taking some dry garlic powder and mixing it with some freshly chopped vegetables. One can go for a variety of vegetables like carrots, capsicum and cabbage that are crunchy. Instead of using regular butter, one can go for garlic butter. Always remember that garlic brings a lot of strong flavours to the plate, so only use it if you are ready for it. 

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* Butter Chicken

Very often, people are left with some gravy of butter chicken that is generally thrown away. Well, this gravy can be effectively used as a stuffing inside garlic bread by just mixing some pieces of chicken. The creamy butter chicken is extremely flavourful and goes very well with cheese and the external crunchy shell of garlic bread. One has to simply mix some minced garlic and softened butter. The layer of this mixture should be added to the garlic bread. Some creamy butter chicken gravy should also be mixed inside the garlic bread along with pieces of chicken. This is a powerful amalgamation of Italian and Indian flavours and yet it is extremely balanced.

* Spice Level

The easiest way to elevate the flavour of a dish is to play with its spice level. The best way to enhance the taste of regular garlic bread is by using a little extra spice combined with some complimentary herbs. Always remember that one should not use red chilli powder for spicing garlic bread. Instead, one must always go for chilli flakes to spice up the flavours of garlic bread. That should be mixed with a lot of cheese that helps strike a bit of a balance of flavours. Bake the garlic bread with some corn pieces and cheese. Once it is baked to perfection, sprinkle some herbs on the top.