5 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Smelly Kitchen Sponges And Cloth
Image Credit: Cleaning Sponge | Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Nothing can be more satisfying than working in a clean kitchen. For this, we use sponges and cloths. However, you must have noticed that these sponges and cloth get overlooked, remain stained and dirty, and are left in a corner. This results in a foul odour from the cleaning cloths. Nothing can be more disgusting than reaching out for a stinky cleaning cloth. 

Mostly, the foul smell of the sponges and cloths occurs due to the presence of bacteria. Experts explain that food particles stick to the sponge or cloth, which leads to the growth of bacteria, making them smelly and unhygienic. According to a study published in the journal Specific Reports, around 362 different species of bacteria are found in dishwashing sponges, with densities of bacteria reaching up to 45 billion per square centimetre in certain areas. 

You must be terrified reading this, as these bacteria won’t get killed with a simple water and soap solution. The solution will only wash off the bacteria, which can make them grow again in the sponge and cloths. Hence, you need something strong for these germs. We are here to help you. Take a look at some of the tips with which you can ward off germs. 

  • Boil In Hot Water   

You can boil the sponge and cloths in boiling water. Add some detergent to it. This will help kill the bacteria and remove the foul smell. 

  • Microwave The Sponge   

Place the moist sponges in the pre-heated microwave and microwave them for at least 2 minutes. Once done, let them cool before taking them out. Note: Never put dry clothes in the microwave to avoid the risk of fire.   

  • Soak In Salt And Vinegar Mixture   

Make a solution of hot water, vinegar, and salt. Dip the sponge and cloth in the solution and keep them overnight. The next morning, rinse them well, squeeze the water, and let them dry in the sunlight.   

  • Bleach It   

It is considered the most effective way to clean kitchen towels. Dip the cloths in a mix of bleach and water. Soak them for five to seven minutes and rinse thoroughly. Dry well in the sunlight or in a dishwasher.   

  • Use Disinfectants   

The simplest and easiest way to clean the kitchen with smelly sponges and cloths is to sprinkle some disinfectants over them. This will not only kill the germs but also give them a refreshing aroma. 

Note: Use the tips to clean kitchen cloths and sponges once a week. Replace them every two months.