Viral: Making Cotton Candy In A Clothes Dryer Is The Latest Experiment; 5 Candy-Special Recipes Inside
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of viral video/Reddit

Cotton candy is deeply connected with everyone’s childhood memories. Kids would flock around the candy seller and barge into the crowd, eagerly waiting to get hold of that one stick of cotton candy. Well, honest confession, I was one of them. As soon as the school bell rang, we would pack our bags and run off to the main gate, because we knew that the same bhaiya would be waiting for us every day at 2 o’clock sharp. He would begin by rolling the cotton candy from a steel box that he used to carry on his cart. The way he twirled the candy around the stick and rolled it up to give it a balloon-like shape left us in awe. It was pure magic for us back then.  

Today, we rarely see such cotton candy carts outside schools or even on the streets, in general. However, whenever I spot one, it feels nostalgic. A quick flashback of memories starts pouring in. Cotton candy, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a sweet confectionary item made of spun sugar and with a cotton-like soft texture and a light pink colour. This experience was recently recreated by a blogger and the Reddit users were left stunned. Here’s what it looked like.  

         Source: Stuarty1/Reddit 

With so many DIYs doing the rounds on social media, this time the cotton candy was the target. Originally shared by a TikTok blogger Tammy Louise, the video went viral once it was shared on a sub-reddit by a user called u/stuarty on r/Stupid Food. The video explains how cotton candy can be made using a clothes dryer. Beginning by throwing in some granulated sugar to the front load of the machine, the blogger then goes on to add some blueberry soda to the soap box above. She wraps the air vents in a foil with only a few outlets open in the mesh. She shuts the door of the machine and powers it. In a matter of a few seconds, she stops the dryer and takes out the vent from the machine.  

Unwrapping the hot foil-covered vent, we see blue-coloured cotton candy stuck to the foil. It almost seems like magic. The video which is captioned as, “I’m lost for words” has garnered about 13.7k upvotes by Reddit users. Some users find it believable while others don’t.  

Whether you try this experiment at home or not, we bet you should try these candy recipes to recreate the magic on your taste buds this weekend.  

1.   Cotton Candy Cupcakes  

What’s a better way to replace a sweet dish? With another one! Fill your dessert platter with the most colourful cupcakes and you’ll definitely be transported back in time. The soft and creamy frosting with the essence of the original cotton candy flavour and colour is sure to leave you mesmerised. These can be perfect for your kid’s party as well as for binge-treats on a Sunday.  

2.   Candy Corn Parfait  

Parfait, for the uninitiated, is a French dessert made with a variety of ingredients. This one right here makes use of mangoes, chia pudding and some coconut milk. Not only does it look very colourful but it tastes amazing too. The bright orange and yellow hues are well-contrasted with the black and white chia pudding. 

3.   Candy Toffee  

Crunchy, crispy and sweet, these words best describe the candy toffee. Vanilla, sea salt, butter and sugar go into the making of these yummy toffees which are definitely bigger in size than the plastic-wrapped ones. The slab of the mixture is set in the refrigerator, after which it is sliced into huge chunks of different shapes.  

4.   Cotton Candy Whoopie Pies  

Forget about the meaty chicken pies or the sugary apple pies, these whoopie pies will leave you wanting for more. The pies are made of a confetti cake mix and rolled into small rounds. The delicious cotton candy frosting is then sandwiched between two rounds to form the pie.  

5.   Candy Onion Rings  

Ever thought that onions could feature in a dessert? These onion rings will change your mind. Toss your onions in a candy coating and douse it in a layer of graham crackers. Fry these and your sweet and crispy onion rings are ready to be devoured.