Kitchen Hacks To Skin Care: 8 Ways How You Can Use Cut Lemons
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Lemon extends a tangy freshness to our meals and beverages, especially in the hot summer months. Apart from its zesty freshness, lemons are beneficial to health. The citrus fruit is loaded with immunity-boosting Vitamin C which has a sour taste.  

The popular phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” applies not only to lemonade but several other uses. Mostly we need half of the lemon and keep the other half in the refrigerator which dries up after a certain time. Do not throw away the other half. Rather, this lemon can come into multiple uses, from skincare to kitchen hacks. 

Take a look at the uses of the cut lemons in our daily lives: 

  • Make Homemade Lemonade Concentrate 

With the raising temperature outside, you can make cool homemade lemonade with the cut lemons. Squeeze the juice of the lemons and mix it with sugar and honey. Place the concentrate on ice trays. Whenever you feel like having a lemonade, take the frozen concentrate with water or soda. This tangy, refreshing drink is ideal for summer. 

  • Make Tea With Lemon 

Viral is common in this hot summer. Often we have sore throats and what comes as a rescue is tea with lemon. Lemon helps in breaking down mucus. Squeeze lemon juice with some hot water and honey. This helps in treating the sore throat and provides you with relief. 

  • Salad Dressing 

Lemons help in making an extraordinary yet simple salad dressing. A tangy salad dressing can be created by mixing lemon juice with olive oil, salt, honey, and your favourite herbs. Drizzle this dressing over your salad to get a culinary delight. 

  • Add Flavour To Marinades 

Besides adding a tangy flavour to the marinade, the acidic property of lemon tenderizes the meat or fish. To the marinade, add lemon juice, ginger, garlic, herbs, and spices of your choice. Soak the fish or meat in the marinade for hours or overnight. Marinating with lemons helps the fish or meat to cook fast.

  • Enhances Flavour Of Beverages 

You can add leftover lemons to your beverages like tea or cocktail to enhance the flavour. Drop them into the beverage for a refreshing, citric taste. You can also freeze the lemons and drop the ice cubes into your beverage to keep it cool while exuding a tangy flavour. 

  • Brightens Up Food 

If you think that your soups or sauces are lacking something, squeeze some lemon juice into it. Noticeably, the acidic tang of the lemon can balance and enhance the flavour of the dishes that might be lacking brightness. Besides, they are a perfect addition to desserts as well. The tangy lemon curd can be spread on toast or use as a filling for lemon cakes and tarts. The lemons also brighten up cookies, scones, or homemade ice cream. 

  • Natural Cleaner 

The anti-bacterial properties can be an excellent source of cleanser for your kitchen. Sprinkle some salt on the cut side of the lemon and scrub it against cutting boards to brighten up, on the countertop to remove stains, and even on utensils and cookware. The acidity in lemon dissolves the grease and gives a fresh look.


  • Skin Care 

If you notice your face darkening in pigment in some spots, rub lemon juice on it every day to lighten it. The antioxidant property in lemons helps fight the blemishes on the skin. It also whitens discoloured elbows, knees, and heels.