These 8 Hacks Will Make Your Kitchen Work Easier
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In today’s world, it’s necessary to be a multitasker. We all have to complete our household tasks as well as fulfil our office responsibilities, all in the span of a day. Talking about cooking, we often make some common mistakes and face trouble many times. While cooking, using excess oil in the gravy or sticking rice in the pan, etc., are some mistakes that every homemaker makes. But there’s nothing to worry about because through this article, we will tell you about some hacks that will help solve some of your kitchen-related problems. 

These hacks will help you save time and make your work easier

  • Remove excess oil from the gravy: Excess oil in the gravy spoils the taste of the vegetable, also making it harmful to health. If this happens to you, keep this gravy in the fridge for a while. Due to the lower temperature, the oil will settle on top, and you can easily remove it with the help of a sieve.
  • Use chhena water to make soft rotis: We all make chenna by curdling milk at home. Most people throw away the leftover water after curdling the milk. But, instead of throwing this water, you can add it to the flour while kneading. The rotis prepared with this water are softer and tastier.
  • Keep eggs fresh for a long time: We often store eggs in the fridge, but yet they do not remain fresh sometimes. If this happens to you, you should apply vegetable oil to them before keeping them in the refrigerator. Eggs will stay fresh for a long time with this hack.
  • Make your suji halwa tastier: We often make semolina pudding, but does it get your favourable taste? If not, you can add a spoonful of gram flour while making the pudding. Remember to always add gram flour only after roasting; this will make the halwa tastier.
  • Keep green vegetables fresh during summer: To keep vegetables like cucumber, brinjal and capsicum fresh during summer, take a wet cloth and tie them. You can also keep your vegetables in an airtight plastic container to keep them fresh for a long time.
  • Smart use of the cutting board: We all have a cutting board in our kitchen, but very few people know that we can also use the free space near the handle of the cutting board. So, anything cut on the board can be easily pulled out of that side space.
  • Add a little salt while making sweets: Are you fond of making sweets at home? But, unfortunately, even after working very hard, it does not become as good as we want. If this happens, add a little salt while making any sweet dish.
  • Make crispy pakoras: We often try a lot, but our pakoras cannot become as crisp as we want. If this happens to you too, while preparing the batter, add a little rice flour to it. This will make the pakoras light and flaky.