Kitchen Hacks: 5 Ways Onions Can Make Kitchen Life Easier
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Can you ever imagine a dish without onions? It is nearly impossible. It is one of the primary ingredients in every kitchen pantry. Not only does it bring density, colour, and flavour to the dishes, but it has also been considered a ‘superfood’ loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Besides, the ingredient has been used for centuries to treat various conditions. 

But did you know that onions can be used to make your kitchen life easier? Apart from being added to the dishes, the ingredients in your racks can be used to fix minor kitchen issues. From cleaning the grill to removing rust, here are some of the onion hacks that you must know: 

1. Cleans Oven    

Onion can effortlessly clean the scrub on your ovens and grills. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties present in the onions give the ovens and grills a good cleaning. Peel and cut the onion into round slices. Use it to clean the scrub on the grills and oven and wash it off with lukewarm water. The dirt will vanish in no time. The onions also kill bacteria that contaminate the food. 

2. Prevents Browning Of Fruits

Fruits are prone to oxidation when left cut for a longer period of time. This process happens when the fruits are exposed to oxygen in the air. The cut fruits turn brown and become spoiled. Thus, the sulphur and moisture present in onions slow down the process and prevent the fruits from turning brown. 

3. Prevents Bad Odour 

It is a common phenomenon in every household for the rice to get burned or the boiled milk to get spilled over the gas burner, which gives rise to a bad odour in the kitchen. Onions, which have a distinct smell owing to the presence of sulphur, absorb the bad odour. For this, you need to place the slice of onion close to the stove, and the bad odour will vanish in no time. 

4. Make Round Eggs With Onion Rings   

It is hard to make a perfect sunny side-up. It takes lots of practise, and if you haven’t achieved it yet, we have a solution for you. All you need to do is cut large onion rings. Place a ring on the frying pan. Crack the egg inside the ring and fry until done. You’ll get a flawless round egg. 

5. Removes Rust 

Rust is often caused by moisture in utensils, knives, and spoons. We fail to get rid of this rust even though we try hard to clean it with soap. Onion is here to rescue you. Cut the onion and rub it on the rusty surface. Soon, the rust will disappear. This is because the Sulphenic acid reacts with the hydroxide ions in the rust.Therefore, half-cut onions are used to rub the cast-iron tavas before making dosas.