Kiara Advani Relishes Fruit Platter Breakfast On Beach Vacation

Summer is here and Bollywood’s celebrities are jet-setting to their destination holidays while the sun’s out, to get their tans! Known for holidaying in some of the most interesting places around the world, actress Kiara Advani gave her fans a sneak-peek into her most recent outing – where she let her hair down on the shores of a beach. Sharing a series of photographs where she was seen donning a pair of diamond-studded sunglasses, the actress also included a visual of her breakfast with a view.

Usually following a healthy lifestyle with a few treats in-between, Kiara stuck to her regime by opting to enjoy a fruit platter and fresh coconut water, garnished with a slice of orange, for breakfast. The plate, loaded with cut fruits like kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, dragonfruit and grapefruit was a riot of colour and a great idea to keep fit while vacationing. Although she doesn’t deprive herself of indulgent treats like vada pav or Amritsari chhole-kulche from time to time, Kiara seems like she is gearing up for her role in an upcoming film with Ranveer Singh.

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While prioritising health and wellness isn’t something that the actress is a stranger to, she ensures that her daily dose of nutrients are consumed in order to make her feel good. From healthy snacks like peanut butter and apples, to green smoothies for detoxing, Kiara’s commitment towards fitness has been admirable. As a lover of different types of Indian cuisines, Kiara also enjoys cheat meals of chocolate cake, Gujarati thali, pizzas and South Indian food. Tell us what your favourite healthy snacks are, in the comments.