Avoid These Combinations While Making A Fruit Chaat
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Fruits are super healthy, filled with vitamins and minerals. But different fruits do different things. Some are acidic, some have lots of water, some are sweet. We often throw all kinds of fruits and veggies into a bowl, thinking it's the healthiest meal ever. Mixing fruits can actually cause tummy trouble and other issues. Playing with fruit combos is fun, but listen to your body. Avoid pairings that don't feel good. Pay attention to how different fruits make you feel, and stick to mixes that don't hurt your tummy. Eating a variety of fruits and veggies separately gives you lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre.   

No matter how healthy or yummy the fruits are, some should not be eaten together! Be aware of which fruits don't mix well. Your tummy will thank you.  

Here are some fruits combinations to avoid 

Melons should not be combined with other fruits 

Melons are good for you! But don't mix them with other fruits. Eat melons only with other melons. Why? Melons have lots of water. They move through your body fast. Other fruits take longer. As per the National Library of Medicine, if you mix them, the melon might not digest right. Stick to eating melons with muskmelons, cantaloupe and honeydews. Keep melons away from other fruits!  

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Avoid mixing starchy fruits with high-protein fruits/vegetables 

Green bananas and plantains are starchy. Other starchy veggies are potatoes, corn, peas, and water chestnuts. These starches need an alkaline base to digest. Then there are fruits and veggies with lots of protein. These include raisins, guava, spinach, and broccoli. Proteins need an acidic base to digest. So, what happens if you mix starchy and protein-rich foods? Trouble! Your tummy works overtime trying to digest both at once. Then have protein-packed ones at the next. Spreading them out this way helps your tummy work its magic!  

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Avoid mixing acidic fruits with sweet fruits 

Combining fruits like grapefruits and strawberries with sweet ones like bananas can upset your tummy. The sourness doesn't mix well with the sweetness. Your stomach gets confused trying to digest them together. This can cause nausea, headaches, and other problems. So, keep the sour fruits separate from the sweet ones. Apples, pomegranates, and peaches are okay to eat with grapefruits and strawberries. But skip the bananas and raisins at that meal. The same goes for guavas and bananas - don't mix them. Enjoy each fruit on its own to avoid an unhappy stomach. 

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Avoid mixing papaya and lemon 

Mixing certain fruits can be risky for kids. Some combinations might sound tasty but can actually be harmful. For example, eating oranges and bananas together is not a good idea. As per the National Library of Medicine, it can make kids anemic, which means their blood gets weak. Their hemoglobin levels can go down too. Hemoglobin carries oxygen through the body. So, when it's low, kids may feel very tired and weak. There are so many other yummy, safe fruit choices. Let's be smart and keep our kids healthy!   

Also, avoid these combos:

Orange with carrot - Think twice before mixing carrots and oranges in that smoothie. While the colour combination seems tempting, this unlikely duo packs a surprising punch. As per the National Library of Medicine, the high acidity of oranges and the minerals in carrots create a toxic combination linked to heartburn and even kidney damage in some cases. Though tasty, it's safer to enjoy these vitamin-rich foods separately. 

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Pineapple and milk - A compound bromelain in pineapple when mixed with milk causes a series of problems to your body such as stomach gas, nausea, infections, headache, and stomach pain.

Guava and banana Whoa! Be careful with eating that combination of foods. It can make your body feel yucky. You might get an upset tummy, feel gassy, have a headache that won't go away, or feel sick. It's best to avoid eating those foods together so you don't feel icky. We want you to feel your best!