8 Traditional Rice Flour Dishes For A Healthy Indian Breakfast

Rice flour has many advantages when used for breakfast. It is safe for people with gluten sensitivities because it is gluten-free. Rice flour is a wonderful source of carbs for energy and is readily digested. It offers versatility in breakfast alternatives since it can be used to produce a range of foods such as dosas, puttu, pancakes, and khichu and more. 

To make rice flour, first rinse uncooked rice under running water until it is clear. After draining, lay the rice out on a fresh cloth to finish drying. When the rice is dry, grind it into a fine or coarse powder in a food processor or blender as required for various dishes. This flour can be used to prepare many breakfast delights that are light on the stomach yet filling to kickstart mornings with an energy boost.

Here is a list of rice-flour-based healthy and traditional Indian breakfast ideas:

1. Khichu: 

Popular Gujarati food khichu, also known as papdi no lot, has a taste that is slightly spicy and is ideal for breakfast as well as an evening snack with tea. It has a soft, dough-like texture. In order to make Khichu, rice flour is boiled in a mixture of water, salt, cumin, and green chillies until it becomes thick and smooth. After that, it is steam-cooked until done. The resulting khichu is typically served hot with a ghee drizzle and garnished with sesame seeds and fresh coriander. It is soft, chewy, and aromatic.

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2. Puttu:

Puttu is a classic South Indian dish that is cooked until fluffy using coarsely ground rice flour and grated coconut. Its consistency is slightly crumbly and its texture is light and airy. The addition of grated coconut gives the flavour a subtle sweetness and a coconut flavour. Puttu is made by steaming layers of rice flour and grated coconut in a cylindrical puttu machine. It's a tasty and healthy morning dish that goes well with bananas or kadala curry

3. Rice Cheela:

A savoury Indian pancake prepared with rice flour and spices is called rice cheela. Its texture is delicate and fluffy, and its taste is moderate and somewhat nutty. To make it, combine rice flour with water, ginger, green chilies, chopped veggies, and seasonings like salt and cumin. For a tasty and filling breakfast or snack, spread the batter thinly on a hot griddle, cook until golden brown on both sides, and serve hot with chutney or yoghurt.

4. Neer Dosa:

Rice flour and coconut milk are combined to make the delicate and light South Indian pancake known as neer dosa. Its texture is thin and soft, nearly translucent, and its taste is somewhat sweet. Make a thin batter out of rice flour, coconut milk, and water to make Neer Dosa. Transfer the batter onto a heated griddle, distributing it thinly, and cook until the dosa takes on a lacy appearance. Neer dosa is best served with curries or chutney.

5. Malvani Amboli:

Popular in the Malvan region of Maharashtra, India, is the savoury pancake known as Malvani Amboli. It is light and airy, similar to set dosa, with a hint of tartness from the fermenting process. In order to make it, black gramme, or urad dal, and rice flour are soaked, ground into a batter, and let to ferment overnight. After that, the batter is cooked on a griddle to create fluffy, light pancakes. Malvani Amboli is a tasty alternative for breakfast or a snack since it goes well with pickles, chutneys, and spicy curries.

6. Akki Roti:

Rice flour is used to make anki roti, a traditional South Indian flatbread with a distinct flavour and texture. Cooking it on a hot griddle gives it a delicate yet crunchy texture and a subtle, somewhat nutty flavour from the rice flour. Rice flour, water, salt, and optional seasonings like onions, greens, or spices are combined to make akhki roti. Using a griddle, shape the dough into flat circles and fry them until they are cooked through and golden brown.

7. Rice Panki: 

A classic Gujarati dish called rice panki is prepared by steaming thin pancakes made of rice flour that have been seasoned with herbs and spices. Due to the addition of components like lemon juice, turmeric, and coriander leaves, the flavour is slightly acidic and aromatic. Rice panki has a delicate, soft texture with a thin, slightly chewy consistency. In order to make this tasty and healthy breakfast or snack alternative, a thin coating of rice flour batter is put on banana leaves, folded, and steamed until cooked through.

8. Idiyappam: 

A delicacy from South India, idiyappam has a mellow rice flavour and a delicate, slightly chewy texture. To make a smooth dough for Idiyappam, rice flour, salt, and hot water are combined. After that, a press is used to extrude the dough, producing thin strands that resemble noodles. Steam-cooked strands are served with sweetened coconut, curry, or coconut milk for a delicious and adaptable breakfast or snack option.