Benefits And Use Of Rice Flour In Cooking

The gluten-free product, rice flour, which has many of the same effects as wheat flour, has unique qualities all of its own. Rice flour can be used to make cakes, and dumplings in addition to being frequently used as a thickening ingredient in cooking. Rice flour stands out from other flours due to its bright white colour and silky-smooth texture. You can easily find rice flour in Asian markets and natural food stores, or you may ground your own using a coffee grinder. 

Rice flour is a great alternative to all-purpose flour if you're out or searching for a gluten-free option, and unlike wheat flour, it's simple to create your own at home. Whether your goal is to cut down your grocery budget or simply try something new. Let's go through some more advantages of rice flour. 

Thickening Agent 

Rice flour thickens soups, sauces, and gravies in a similar way to wheat flour. Before adding your liquid and cooking it, make a slurry out of oil, onion, and rice flour as a base to thicken your dish. Making a slurry at the end of a procedure allows you to use it as well. 4 parts water and 1 part rice flour should be well combined to create a smooth, clump-free batter. Prior to returning the mixture back to the stove and stirring, add 1 cup of the liquid from your sauce or soup. 

Non-gluten Flour 

Since rice flour lacks gluten, a component required for firm wheat bread, it can be used to make cakes, muffins, and other sweet baked goods. However, it is most frequently used to make sweet breads. It is frequently mixed with other non-wheat flours to get the desired consistency and works well in lighter muffins and cakes. Use a recipe designed expressly for rice flour for the greatest results when using it in baking because, in most circumstances, it cannot be substituted for conventional flour. 


Those with gluten sensitivities can enjoy fried food thanks to rice flour. It gives fried meals a pleasantly browned coating. After seasoning, wrap smaller pieces of food in dry flour, or just make a batter using rice flour and water. Fry the snack or food until it is thoroughly cooked and the flour is crisp. 

Rice Flour Dumplings 

In Asia, dumplings with both sweet and savoury fillings are frequently made using rice flour. Create a dough by combining rice flour, water, and occasionally baking powder and sugar. Roll out the dough into a long piece when it has rested, then cut it into the required number of pieces. Flatten the balls and fill them with sweet bean paste, marinated pork, or a combination of veggies. By gathering the sides and squeezing the edges together, the dumplings are sealed. The dumplings should be turned over and steamed for about 10 minutes, or until cooked through, in a steamer lined with paper.