Kerala Restaurant Sealed After 85 People Hospitalised
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Another day and another case of food poisoning makes headlines in Kerala. Amid the surprise inspection by the food safety department in Bengaluru and Theobroma and McDonald’s under probe in Noida, this case of Thrissur is a reminder that Indian restaurants need to adhere to food safety guidelines and put the health of their customers first.

Vendors have been found to cook in unhygienic conditions, store food without the lid, keep expired products in the refrigerator, or serve stale food at eateries, making more and more people conscious about where to eat. Not to mention the rampant reports of restaurants under investigation making headlines. 

85 People Hospitalised In Thrissur, Kerala

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

On May 26, 2024, more than 80 people were hospitalised in Thrissur, Kerala, seeking treatment for food poisoning. After investigation, it was found that all of them had eaten at the same restaurant and had been complaining about experiencing diarrhoea, vomiting, and other symptoms that are related to food poisoning.

It is believed that all of them had Kuzhi Mandi (a rice and meat-based dish) at a restaurant in Kodungalloor. Some patients had either eaten at the restaurant or got a takeout delivered. When their health started deteriorating, they sought medical attention at hospitals located in Irinjalakuda and Kodungallur. 

From panchayat officials to the Health Department and Food and safety officials, the task forces investigated the restaurant and its kitchen. It violated a number of food safety measures due to which it had been sealed. According to media reports, the Panchayat authorities have asked for stringent actions to be taken against the eatery and the vendor. 

While speaking to the media, health officials have reported that no patient was in a serious condition. This is not a new case that has been reported in Kerala. Such cases have been making headlines almost every day across India. 

Cases Of Food Poisoning In India In 2024

If Kerala’s case was an isolated incident, people would not have been scared, but there have been many such reports in 2024 alone. Here are a few cases that you must know about,

  • Over 100 students reported suffering from food poisoning after eating their mid-day meal in a Thane school
  • In Feb 2024, more than 200 people were reported to fall sick after eating at a religious event in Maharashtra
  • A video went viral showing customers spitting blood after they were dry ice
  • In twin food poisoning cases in Greater Noida and Noida, 93 people were hospitalised in March 2024
  • In April 2024, a 10-year-old girl died after eating her birthday cake
  • In Mumbai, 12 people reported to suffer from food poisoning after eating shawarma and chicken in April 2024
  • In May 2024, a man reportedly died after getting food poisoning by eating shawarma