Karva Chauth 2023: 6 Superfoods to Include In Your Sargi
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Karva Chauth is a very popular Hindu festival celebrated all across the country among married women. Married women celebrate the festival by fasting from sunrise until moonrise for the sake of the long and healthy life of their husbands. This year Karva Chauth will be celebrated on the first of November. Sargi, which is a pre-dawn meal, helps women prepare for the long fasting day ahead. 

Sargi is generally consumed before sunrise and typically consists of a variety of food that gives women the required energy to stay without food throughout the day. Instead of consuming high levels of sugar and eating fried food, it is recommended to eat nutritious and healthy food that fulfils your energy intake. Here are the top six superfoods that you can inculcate in your Sargi this year.

1. Fruits

Fruits are not only hydrating but also give you vitamins and energy to sustain throughout the day. A fruit like bananas which is high in potassium can be extremely filling and nutritious. You can also eat apples and pomegranates if you do not like bananas. Making a smoothie with the help of fruits will also be equally beneficial. Since some fruits are naturally hydrating you also do not feel thirsty.

2. Dry fruits

Dry fruits are very important to maintain a higher level of energy. Cashews, almonds, pistachios and other dry nuts are very high in energy. To consume all of them at once, you can also make a small dry fruit Ladoo or you can add these dry fruits to your milk or smoothies. Eating walnuts can also be very beneficial in making you not feel hungry for a longer period.

3. Coconut water

Coconut is considered very auspicious and is used throughout the country among women in their Sargi thali. But other than these religious reasons, coconut is very beneficial from a health point of view. Drinking a glass of coconut water will retain your water levels in the body. You won't feel the urge to drink water for a very long time. Try to avoid too much salt or sugar early in the morning as it might make you feel thirsty, quite early.

4. Yogurt or dairy products

Try to have a bowl of yoghurt early in the morning as it is high in calcium. Also yoghurt is quite light so you won't have a difficult time consuming it early in the morning even if your appetite is low. Yoghurt is very refreshing and consuming it can be a good start to the day. Consuming it can also help maintain your blood pressure and prevent any medical emergency that would lead to breaking the fast. If you do not like yogurt then you can try having a glass of milk or something made from cottage cheese as an alternative.

5. Sweet Vermicelli

Sweet vermicelli or sewaiyan is an important part of the sargi. For many years, it has been a convention to make sewaiyan during sargi. It is made with the help of milk and some sugar. As vermicelli is made from wheat,  it is very fibrous and keeps the body energised throughout the day. The milk and the dry fruits used also have their health benefits and do not make you feel hungry easily. Try to use as little sugar as you can or you can even replace it with jaggery powder.

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6. Wheat Paratha

Wheat Paratha is a great option for people who do not feel like eating anything sweet early in the morning. You can make a light paratha with very little ghee or butter. Try to avoid using any heavy stuffing as it might make you feel thirsty very quickly. But if you want, you can use some cottage cheese as the stuffing. Eat the paratha with some Dahi and avoid using any kind of spices while making the Paratha.

These are some of the top superfood options that you can include in your sargi. Now that people understand food and nutrition a lot better than before, it is easier to make smart choices to make your Karva chauth smooth and avoid any medical emergency. By making these small little changes in your food choices, you can make a huge difference in your life.