Kartik Aaryan Visits Agra's Panchhi Petha To Buy Sweets For Mom

Agra is known for its petha craze and apparently, even Kartik Aaryan isn't immune to the charms of Panchhi Petha! Yesterday, the Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Bhool Bhulaiyaa star posted a picture to his personal Instagram page from Agra with him in a shirt from his new movie Shezada and holding a box of pethas from the famous shop along with the caption, “Agra jaa kar petha nahi kharida toh mummy se bahut dant padti.” meaning, ‘If you go to Agra and don’t buy the petha, you’ll get a big scolding from your mother!’

He’s not the only one who feels this way though and the legacy of petha is tied into the history of Agra itself. The story for this dessert goes that when Shah Jahan ruled Agra, he asked his chefs to make something white and pure as the Taj. Another version of the story says that during the construction of the Taj Mahal, workers were fed roti and dal and got bored of eating the same thing and petitioned the emperor for something new. Shah Jehan then turned to Ustad Isa, his master architect, for help, and he approached a Pir, or holy man, who received the recipe for petha during meditation. 

Panchhi Petha is renowned in the city for its superior taste and quality and it’s no surprise that a die-hard foodie like Aaryan decided to stop by. The star is well-known as a connoisseur of the finest food and his social media is a testament to the many meals he enjoys. He also has a sweet tooth and once confessed his weakness over a chocolate lava cake. After this petha mission, we’re guessing this sweet tooth is something he inherited from his mother!