Kartik Aaryan Has A ‘Sweet Tooth Weakness’, Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Kartik Aaryan is one of the most popular actors in India right now. And going by his social media posts, it looks like he is quite relatable too. Just like us, it seems the actor simply cannot resist good food. He cannot stop munching and many of his Instagram stories are full of gastronomical delights. 

Just last week we told you about how the actor was catching up with his friends and all of them were seen sipping coffee besides devouring a deep-fried crispy treat along with the beverage. Read more about it here. The other time, when he was in Delhi, the actor was spotted digging into yummy Tibetan food at Yeti, a Himalayan Kitchen and later, satiating his sweet tooth at Big Chill, a popular Italian eatery. Well, the mention of it is making us crave some past from the eatery too. 

In the latest edition of Kartik’s food diaries, it has been revealed that the actor also has a huge “sweet tooth weakness''. He himself confessed it on social media recently, when after wrapping up a month-long hectic schedule for his upcoming film, Satyaprem Ki Katha, he indulged in a plateful of yummy dessert. Wondering what it could be? Well, it is a spongy chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream. Sounds decadent, doesn’t it? Well, it looked super yummy too. Take a look: 

The writer of the movie, Karan Sharma, shared a photograph of Kartik Aaryan digging into the sweetmeat, which the actor re-shared. “Sattu gets to have this cake and eat it too”, Karan captioned the post. Re-sharing the post on his Instagram Stories, Kartik admitted that he has a “sweet tooth weakness”. 

The dessert sure looks full of decadence. But that’s not all, Kartik along with co-star Kiara Advani, and the cast and crew of the film, wrapped up the Mumbai schedule of the film with a huge chocolate cake. Take a look at some of the pictures shared by the actor himself:

Has Kartik made you crave some gooey choco lava cake too?  Well, you can make this delicious dessert at your home as well. We’ve got a quick and easy chocolate lava cake recipe to try right here. Top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy.