Karisma Kapoor’s Waffle Indulgence Is Too Tempting To Miss
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, The actor has a sweet tooth.

If at 48, one is unable to guess Karisma Kapoor’s actual age, she is definitely doing something right. The actor follows a strict diet regime and exercises regularly to keep her weight in check. Apart from this, the only other secret to her ageless looks could be her foodie personality. If there’s anything more than her family and friends that keeps her happy, it has to be food.

Those who closely follow her on Instagram, know that she never shies away from expressing her love for food and believes in satisfying all her cravings. While she is quite good at maintaining her balance, it is over the weekend that we see her cheating on her diet most of the times. This weekend, she decided to satiate her sweet tooth with a delectable plate of waffles.

She posted a picture on her Instagram stories and we saw a plateful of crunchy waffles, topped with strawberries and drizzled with maple syrup. There were bits of kiwis and other cherries, along with two scoops of ice cream, in vanilla and chocolate flavour. Dusted off with powdered sugar, the waffles looked really tempting. To this, she added a sticker which read “Yum”. 

Karisma Kapoor

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Karisma give into her sweet cravings. Earlier too, during the holiday season, we saw some of her family members busy preparing the festive feast in the kitchen while she was relishing her Christmas pudding with brandy butter on the sofa. In fact, a few days before Christmas, we saw her enjoying Christmas movie night on the OTT platform, Netflix and her binge for the night was chocolate ice cream.