Karisma Kapoor’s Christmas Movie Binge Is All Things Sweet
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, The actor loves eating sweet meats.

Karisma Kapoor is often remembered for her onscreen chemistry with co-actor, Govinda, as well as her other memorable performances in several films. But all thanks to social media these days, we are well aware of her foodie side too.  

Recently, Karisma was seen indulging in a beautiful Christmas movie. Curled up in a blanket, all comfy and cosy, the actor was enjoying her festive watch with a sweetmeat. What was it, you ask? Well, it wasn’t anything warm, to our surprise. It was a bar of chocolate ice cream that was seen gorging on while watching the movie. In the Instagram story, she wrote, “Christmas movie binge”, and it left us drooling.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram story/Karisma Kapoor

While watching a movie or a show, snuggled up in your blanket, it is hard to not crave sweet and tasty stuff. What else can you eat apart from an ice cream, which is definitely an unusual choice? Well, there are fruitcakes, puddings, mousse, pies, doughnuts, and more to delight your taste buds. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Karisma hogging on food.  

Earlier too, when she was in London for vacation, she gorged on delicious desserts like cakes, pastries, croissants, and puddings. A while back, she was out treating herself, and we saw her sipping on a hot cup of coffee. After that, she was seen relishing a dessert spread that featured chocolate mousse, vanilla cream frosting cake, and a carrot cake for. The cake looked so cute, with tiny carrots topped on it.