Karisma Kapoor Enjoys ‘Organic Pahadi Thali’ In The Mountains

If there was an award for the biggest foodie in B’town, Karisma Kapoor would surely be one of the frontrunners, and a happy one at that. The actor has never shied away from flaunting her foodie side to the world, even though millions look up to her for her fitness. Karisma has never promoted fad diets, and rather eats to her heart’s content albeit in moderation. She follows a strict diet and yet when it is time to indulge, she does not believe in holding back. 

On Sunday, she binged on some homemade chicken biryani and raita. Earlier this week, she flew to Rishikesh and is now in the mountains, eating like a local. On Tuesday, she posted a picture of her ‘Organic Pahadi Thali’. Pahadi cuisine is known for its dominant use of local greens, lentils and pulses. It is broadly classified under two categories - Gharwali and Kumaoni - and is designed in a manner to give maximum nutrition, with regional produce. Food is also cooked in fresh ghee, making it dense in energy.  

On Karisma’s plate, we spotted some Garhwali Kadhi, kachumbar salad, Bhaddu ki Dal, kheer, spicy Aloo ki Sabzi, and a tandoori roti smeared with ghee. The Pahadi Thali was neatly arranged with multiple bowls of curries, dals, and sabzis, and it looked oh-so-irresistible.  

Pahadi food has intrigued foodies from around the world, and while we want a bite of everything that we saw on Karisma’s plate. There’s something about the Garhwali Kadhi that has triggered our cravings to another level. For the uninitiated, it is a runny, smooth, and tangy curry made of chickpea flour and yoghurt. 

A handful of spices are used to give this kadhi a more punchy taste. It is not overtly spicy like the Punjabi Kadhi, and also looks a bit more pale. It is also not as sweet as the Gujarati Kadhi. Here’s a delish recipe you can try.