Karisma Kapoor’s Fruit Bowl Is Filled With Autumn Colours
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, The actress enjoys a fruity treat.

The Kapoor family’s obsession with food is no stranger to us, and Karisma Kapoor is one of them. The actor never shies away from sharing moments of her life on Instagram, especially when they involve food. Speaking of her latest indulgence, Karisma was seen gorging on a bowl full of fruits.

Posting a picture of the fruit bowl on her Instagram stories, she wrote, “Autumn colours”. And well, it made perfect sense as the fruity colours marked the onset of another season. In her bowl, there were plums, blueberries, and some sliced chikus, also known as sapodilla. The plums were red in colour, while the berries were dark blue and the chikus were light brown. Together, they seemed to be a colourful treat for the actor.


However, this isn’t the first time that Karisma has expressed her love for food. During her vacation in London, she was seen having a drool-worthy French toast, while her sister, actor Kareena Kapoor, devoured a croissant. Once she was back, she got to her healthy diet and routine. However, a few days later, we saw her at a family lunch where all the Kapoors had gotten together after a long time.

Here, we saw her relishing mutton biryani and we weren’t surprised. More than anything else, it is her breakfast mania that we enjoy most. The 48-year-old actor knows how to satisfy her sweet tooth too and her idea of dessert for breakfast is what makes her so relatable. She was recently also seen having muffins for breakfast one morning and it looked just perfect.  

This reminds of the exotic dessert she was seen having during her stay in the UK. It was a baked Alaska flambé and it looked absolutely magical. These instances are proof enough that Karisma is a big-time foodie, who cannot resist decadent desserts yet manages to maintain herself by eating fruits like she did recently.