Karisma Kapoor Is ‘Back To Basics’ With Her Dal Chawal Meal

After a fabulous vacation in New York, Karisma Kapoor is back in town. Much like her family, Karisma is also not the one to count calories when she is out to indulge. She binged a fair amount during her vacation, tried many delish delicacies, and now that she's back in India, she is “back to basics”. Karisma took to Instagram to share a picture of her at her Mumbai residence. In the series of pictures, Karisma can be seen relaxing on her couch, playing with her pet, reading, etc. In one of the images, we also spotted a plate of rice, slathered over with Moong Dal and as it happens in India, you just cannot have your dal chawal without some sabzi or crunchy fritters. A portion of bhindi (okra stir fry), achaar (mango pickle) and some dried chillies completed her desi, ‘basic’ meal.

Bollywood Divas Love For Dal Chawal

Karisma is not the only B’wood celeb who swears by Dal Chawal. Even her sister and accomplished actress Kareena Kapoor’s ideal, go-to meal is this rice-lentil combination with some ghee. Another Bollywood actor who proudly flaunts her love for Dal Chawal, incidentally is the newest member to enter the Kapoor family. You guessed it right. Earlier this year, Alia Bhatt also professed her love for the quintessential Indian comfort food in an Instagram story “Nothing like dal chawal. NOTHING!” she wrote in her caption.

Benefits Of Dal Chawal

The Dal in the Dal Chawal refers to a lentil preparation, and it could be any lentil. Moong, Masoor, Urad, you name it. Lentils are an excellent source of protein. For people who do not eat meat, lentils, can prove to be a healthy, high-protein addition to their diet. There is, however, one problem. Lentils often do not contain all essential amino acids. Pairing it with rice makes it a complete source of protein. Dal Chawal is also a bundle of antioxidants that helps boost immunity, skin health and gut health.