Karachi Joint Selling Indian Food Goes Viral
Image Credit: Karamat Khan/Instagram

Since 1947, India and Pakistan have been in a conflicted relationship, much like a couple who neither can’t be together nor can they separate from each other. A rich history, culture, heritage, food, music, and language have always been invisible strings that still bind the two countries together. A video of a Pakistani blogger has gone viral in which a Hindu family’s stall can be seen receiving love from natives.

The food stall, Kavita Didi Ka Indian Khana, is a makeshift joint run by a woman named Kavita and her family. They run this eatery near the Cantonment Railway Station in Karachi. The takeaway from the video was that food not only binds two communities but countries together. 

Kavita Didi Ka Indian Khana In Karachi

The video showcases Kavita cooking delicious Indian delicacies like vada pav, pav bhaji, and dal samosa. She was quoted saying in the video, “These dishes are famous in India, and now, they are gaining popularity in Karachi.” 

The food blogger shared that a customer can find two menus here - one for vegetarians, and the second for non-vegetarians. However, no matter what your preferences are, he suggested people try pav bhaji and vada pav. He also added that it is among a few stalls where Hindus and Muslims come together to relish popular Indian dishes. 

Customers can also find tandoori dishes, chicken-based delicacies, and French fries. Kavita Didi Ka Indian Khana is a one-stop destination in the vicinity where people can find delicious food across states of India. The prices of the dishes are quite budget-friendly. 

Image Credit: Karamat Khan/ Instagram

Social Media Reactions

Karamat Khan, a vlogger, explorer, and foodie, shared a video of the stall run by a Hindu family in Karachi. Taking to his Instagram, he walked his viewers through the menu, the dishes prepared, and the importance of this makeshift food stall in the vicinity.

Posted on April 22, 2024, the reel has garnered over 136k views. The comment box was a mix of hatred and love. Some tones were sarcastic while others were faceless trolls who yet found another video to spew hate and instigate Hindu-Muslim violence. However, the popularity of the stalls stands as a reminder of how much love the stall has been receiving.

One user commented, “All Pakistanis should support our sister.” Another said that this heartwarming video showcases how Hindus and Muslims can co-exist together. One person wrote, “Divided by Brits (Britishers), connected by roots.”