5 Innovative Tips To Make Pav Bhaji Healthy
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Indian street food lies at the heart of Indian cuisine. It is safe to say that Indian street food is truly the soul and essence of Indian cuisine. The generous use of butter and spices is what truly gives the street food Its authentic flavours. One such street food that is famous for its over-the-top flavours and liberal use of butter is pav bhaji. 

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Pav bhaji is one of the most popular and flavourful street foods available in India. However, it is predominantly made from unhealthy ingredients, which is why it is not practical to eat it regularly. But this doesn't mean that one has to stay away from their favourite street food just because it's unhealthy. There are a lot of ways to make this unhealthy street food extremely healthy. Here are some top ways to transform unhealthy street food into healthy food.

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* Use Less Butter

Butter is an essential part of making pav bhaji as it is used to cook both pav and bhaji. Butter indeed gives a very nice texture and flavour to the dish, but one can also not overlook the potential hazards of eating butter in a higher quantity. This may lead to a lot of problems related to cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Instead of using such a high amount of butter, one can simply use less butter. One doesn't have to worry as the pav bhaji wouldn't taste a lot different than the regular one. Of course, there will be a little bit of difference in the texture, but consuming fewer calories is always more beneficial in the long run.

* Whole Wheat Pav

Pav in pav bhaji is made from all-purpose flour. Rather than using pav made from all-purpose flour, one should instead use pav made from multigrain. It helps retain a lot of nutrients and is extremely fibrous. Other than this, it is more digestive than all-purpose flour pav. This is specifically beneficial if one wants to eat pav bhaji that is not too high in calories. Not only will this small step make the whole dish healthier, but it will also be extremely digestive. Also, one will not experience any significant change in the taste of the dish as multigrain pav are equally delicious and indulgent.

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* Adding Vegetables

One of the easiest ways to make any unhealthy dish healthier is to add a lot of green and fresh vegetables inside the dish. This is the same step that applies to pav bhaji. Instead of making pav bhaji just from potatoes and pumpkins, one can incorporate high-fibre, vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, peas, tomatoes, spring, onions and other things. Adding a lot of lime juice is also great, as it is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants. All the vegetables stated above have a dynamic nutritional profile and will add a lot towards the dish. Do not just concentrate on the flavours but also pay attention to the nutritional profile of the dish.

* Use Less Salt And Spices

Another way to make sure that pav bhaji is healthy and easier to digest is to cut back on the use of salt and other spices. Dominant use of salt and spices is what leads to problems related to stomach and digestion. It may also lead to inflammation in the body. Excess sodium consumption is also bad for one's health and may lead to bloating and inflammation. One should use spices and salt very carefully and make sure that they are not overdoing it. Street food that is sold in the market is generally very high in different types of potent spices, which is why a lot of people suffer from digestive discomfort the very next day after consuming it. This can be easily avoided if one is cooking pav bhaji at home.

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* Eat With Salad

Another useful tip is to serve pav bhaji with a lot of salad on the side. Generally, in the market, pav bhaji is served with a lot of onions immersed in spicy green chutney. Although it is tasty, it can further contribute to the problem of indigestion. Instead, while making this dish at home, one can serve it with some fresh cucumbers, chopped onions and a lot of tomatoes. On top of bhaji, a person can also add fresh coriander leaves for a better taste and freshness. This small step will have a huge impact and will help with the better digestion of the food.