Kafuli: This Saag Is The State Food Of Uttarakhand, Tried Yet?
Image Credit: Kafuli Saag

With tall mountains and valleys wide, Uttarakhand has always been a hit among nature enthusiasts, but the tiny little state tucked away in the lap of Himalayas has much more on offer. The Uttarakhand cuisine is renowned for its soothing, homely appeal. The inclusion of local herbs, pulses and greens not only elevate the flavours of the dish but also make it one of a kind. Bhang Ki Chutney, or Sana Hua Neebu, a tangy Uttarakhand preparation made with giant Pahadi lemon, yoghurt and bhang, are proof of how even the sides dishes and accompaniments are there to make your meal all things memorable. Talking about the mains, Uttarakhand has a marvelous collection of vegetables and greens that grow locally. Meat makes an occasional, but important cameo. 

But the everyday meal is simply filled with vegetables and lentils. If you think Saag was more of a ‘Punjabi phenomenon’ then you are sorely mistaken. Uttarakhand has its own version of saag, but with a twist. Kafuli is a thick, comforting curry, which almost resembles a green paste. It is typically made with spinach greens and fenugreek leaves, but sometimes other kinds of greens are also added. 

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Kafuli is dish that can unite both dieters and non-dieters. The locals thrive on this dish that is often included in the regional thali. It is cooked in traditional iron kadhai, and is topped with ghee and served hot with rice.The dish is so healthy that even doctors recommend eating Kafuli when you are battling flu or other seasonal infections. The green vegetable used in Kafuli carry a bundle of antioxidants that help boost immunity, aid weight loss, improve brain function, digestion and more. The nourishing dish is a hit in Uttrakhand and making it is rather easy.  

Make sure you have washed the spinach and fenugreek leaves well and then chop them. Post this, add the leaves to the pressure cooker with green chillies, salt and little bit of water. Pressure cook till you hear 2 whistles. Allow the leaves to cool down and then blend the leaves in a blender. Take a kadhai and heat oil and ginger. Add the spinach puree and spices of your choice. In another bowl mix rice flour with some water and stir into the spinach gravy. Then add beaten curd (Garhwali favourite) to the curry and cook till the curry thickens and your Kafuli is ready. Serve with hot rice and enjoy.