Chef Pawan Bisht On Decoding The Local Flavours of Uttarakhand
Image Credit: Breakfast thali in the hills

The Himalayan belt of Uttarakhand is known for it’s richness in traditional knowledge, flora and fauna. With different type of climate, altitude, river, soil, forests of Uttarakhand is suitable for growth of all kinds of plants, shrubs and bushes that are finding their way to mainstream cuisine. 

Pahadi kala chana masala

From perennial herbs to edible tubers one can get one of the most healthiest herbs, spices, fruits, berries, vegetables in the lush green hills of Uttarakhand. This is the right time to preserve these wonderful recipes, ingredients, cooking vessels and cooking techniques before they will be completely lost. Chef strongly believes that this cuisine has much protentional to be in the forefront and get it’s much delayed fame.