Kachori To Steamed Matar: 6 Peas Dishes For Winter Breakfast
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There are a lot of reasons why we all wait for winters. Some of us want to enjoy the festive season, some want to just feel the chilly winter air and wear our cosy clothes while some are excited for the abundance of vegetables that are available in winters. And one veggie that is only available in winters and is our favourite is green pea or matar. Here are 6 matar dishes that will be perfect for your winter breakfast meals.

Matar Paratha:

Recipe - Kunal Kapur

Begin your winter mornings with the timeless classic – matar paratha. The soft, flaky layers enveloping a stuffing of spiced green peas - the thought of the dish itself is mouth-watering. Served with butter or desi makkhan or a side of tangy pickle, matar paratha is a wholesome and filling breakfast option that provides you with the necessary calories, ensuring a sustained energy boost throughout the day.

Matar Poha:

Transport your taste buds to the streets of India with a steaming plate of matar poha. Flattened rice, mixed with the sweetness of green peas and spices like jeera, dhaniya and haldi, makes for a light yet satisfying breakfast. Garnish with fresh coriander and freshly squeezed lemon juice for a fresh flavour. Matar poha is the best version of the dish that you can enjoy in winter mornings.

Matar Sandwich:

For a quick and hearty breakfast on the go, indulge in a matar sandwich. The combination of mashed green peas with creamy cheese, nestled between slices of toasted bread, creates a delicious and unique filling. Customise with your favourite condiments and seasonal veggies for a personalised touch. The matar sandwich is not only delicious but also a convenient option for those busy winter mornings when time is of the essence.

Matar Cutlet:

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Elevate your breakfast game with matar cutlets – crispy on the outside, tender and soft on the inside. Mashed green peas blended with potatoes, a little all-purpose flour and spices form the heart of these golden-brown delights. Shallow fry with ghee until perfection is achieved, and serve with mint chutney for an extra kick. Matar cutlets are easy and fuss-free to make and can be made into fillings for rolls, burgers and sandwiches too.

Matar Kachori:

Dive into the indulgent world of matar kachori for a breakfast that's as rich in tradition as it is in taste. The flaky, deep-fried crust gives way to a spiced green pea filling that is satisfying and just tastes like winters. Served with a side of aloo ki sabji, matar kachori adds a touch of decadence to your winter mornings, making them extra special.

Steamed Matar:

For a lighter and healthier breakfast option, consider steamed matar. Fresh green peas, lightly seasoned and steamed to perfection, retain their natural sweetness and nutritional goodness. Enjoy them on their own or as a side dish to complement other breakfast staples. You can also add other veggies like beans or carrots or even chunks of chicken if you want added protein. Steamed matar is a simple yet effective way to incorporate the freshness of winter produce into your morning routine.