Joynagar Moa To Kochuri: 5 Bengali Dishes To Warm You Up This Winter
Image Credit: Source: Amazing Pictures/Facebook

For me, winters are synonymous with all things fun and joyous. From family picnics to Christmas, winters are filled with excitement and joy. On top of that, can we even miss the vast array of indulgent treats? Being an Odia, I often miss the winters of Delhi as winters here are often mellowed. However, one cannot miss the delight of relishing some authentic East-Indian delicacies. Keeping the rest for another time, let's talk about some authentic Bengali winter delicacies today. Most Bengali households are filled with delicacies made with fresh winter produce like Nolen Gur, Khoi and many more. A vast array of sweet and savoury Bengali dishes soothe the soul and warm the body during winters. These dishes make winters an appetizing affair for Bengalis. We have handpicked some of the most relished Bengali winter delicacies that you need to try at home this winter. Check them out! 

1. Koraishutir Kochuri

The Bengali cousin of Matar Kachori, Koraishutir Kochuri is a quintessential Bengali breakfast during winters. The fluffy stuffed Kochuri paired with spicy Aloo Dom is the definition of absolute indulgence. 


2. Nolen Gur Er Payesh 

Nolen Gur is a must-have in every Bengali household. Made with Gobindobhog Chal (scented rice) and Nolen Gur, this Payesh is a regional favourite. The delicious and aromatic Payesh is perfect to slurp on during winters. 

3. Joynagar Moa

Exclusively made with Nolen Gur and Kanakchur Khoi (fried paddy), Joynagar Moa is a round-shaped dessert popular in the Joynagar district of West Bengal. 

4. Phulkopir Singara 

Winter brings with it an assortment of veggies and cauliflower is one of them. Made with a spicy mixture of cauliflower and potatoes, Phulkopir Singara is a perfect evening snack with a cup of chai. 

5. Patishapta 

A popular variety of pitha, Patishapta are thin pancakes made with rice flour, all-purpose flour and semolina. The pancakes are later filled with a caramelized coconut filling which makes it a healthy and delicious breakfast option. 

We hope your winter food game is sorted with these decadent Bengali delicacies that are perfect to savour any time of the day. Try the embedded recipes and let us know how you like them.