10 Indian Puffed Rice Recipes For Weight Loss
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Call it muri, murmura, mamra or by any other regional name, every Indian is familiar with what puffed rice is. Made from rice kernels through a complicated process called extrusion, the white, naturally crispy puffed rice are easily and cheaply available across all parts of India. As an ingredient, puffed rice is used in India to basically create savoury and sweet treats that are worth snacking on. But is puffed rice for weight loss

The simple answer is, yes, puffed rice for weight loss works and is, in fact, a great idea. The very first reason why puffed rice for weight loss is a good idea is based on the fact that puffed rice is very low in calories compared to other cereals and snacks. Consuming low-calorie foods can help create a calorie deficit, which is essential for weight loss. Naturally low in fat, puffed rice can be easily added to any weight loss recipe or diet. 

The second reason why puffed rice for weight loss works is that this ingredient has a high volume-to-weight ratio, meaning you can have a larger portion size for fewer calories. This can help you feel more satisfied and full without consuming excessive calories. The increased volume of food can trick your brain into perceiving a larger meal, potentially reducing overeating or snacking on higher-calorie options. 

This factor resolves one of the biggest challenges posed to weight loss diets, making puffed rice for weight loss a perfect solution. What’s even more interesting is that puffed rice can be incorporated into a variety of dishes and snacks from across India. These puffed rice for weight loss recipes can not only present you with low-calorie options, but also those that are so delicious that you would never be bored. 

Wondering which puffed rice for weight loss recipes to adopt? Here are some of the best options from across India that you can explore. These are also very easy to make, so try these puffed rice for weight loss recipes today! 

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Murmura Chivda

Originating in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Chivda is a snack that can be made with puffed rice, flattened rice and even corn flakes. For Murmura Chivda, also known as Mamra Chivda and Kurmura Chivda, all you need to do is make a tempering with mustard seeds, green chillies, curry leaves and turmeric powder. Add peanuts and chana dal to this tempering, then add puffed rice and salt. Many people also add other nuts and coconut to Murmura Chivda to make it more filling. 


A popular street food snack from Bengal that is also consumed in Bihar and Odisha, Jhalmuri is a protein-packed low-calorie puffed rice for weight loss. Packed with chopped onions, tomatoes, peanuts, sprouted chickpeas, coconuts, boiled potatoes and often even boiled yellow peas, this one is so packed with flavour that one bowl is never enough. Mustard oil, green chillies and a dash of lemon juice make this one the perfect weight loss snack. 


Also known as Vaggani in Karnataka, Uggani is a puffed rice upma variety from Andhra Pradesh. It is believed that the dish originated in Kurnool and Anantapur districts, where Uggani is eaten with Mirchi Bajji as a breakfast dish. To make Uggani, puffed rice is lightly soaked, then cooked with a paste made of chana dal, dry red chillies, coconut and a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions and tomatoes.  

Muri Bhunja

Originating in Bihar, where it is eaten as a filling evening snack, Muri Bhunja is also a perfect weight loss snack. This puffed rice for weight loss recipe calls for the use of sliced onions, roasted peanuts and green chillies, which are mixed with dry roasted puffed rice. Occasionally, green peas, boiled black chickpeas and fresh green chickpeas are also used to add a protein punch to Muri Bhunja. This one is a weight loss snack for the soul. 

Aam Doodh Muri 

For those on a weight loss diet who also want to relish ripe mangoes during summer season, Aam Doodh Muri is the perfect dish. This Bengali dish is a simple puffed rice weight loss recipe that calls for just three ingredients—mangoes, milk and puffed rice. Chopped mangoes are mixed with warm milk and topped with puffed rice for this simple breakfast dish. Many people also like adding bananas to make this a naturally sweeter dish. 

Kurmura Chikki 

Also known as Murmura Gajak, this puffed rice for weight loss dish is one of the healthiest snacks you can ever binge on. Very popular in North India, especially during festivals like Makar Sankranti, this recipe calls for puffed rice, nuts, seeds and jaggery. The dry ingredients are mixed with molten jaggery and allowed to set on a flat tray before being cut into rectangular bites. Loaded with nuts and seeds, this one is a weight loss snack for champions. 


Originating in the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra, Bhadang is the perfect puffed rice for weight loss snack for those who love spicy food. A mixture of curry leaves, peanuts, garlic, asafoetida, turmeric powder and red chilli powder is tempered in oil and then tossed with puffed rice to make this low-calorie and yet spicy snack. Many people also add raisins and dry coconut to make this one more filling. 

Gur Kheel Laddoo

Another Makar Sankranti favourite in North India, this puffed rice for weight loss dish essentially requires only two ingredients—puffed rice and jaggery. The puffed rice is dry roasted to enhance the crispiness, then mixed with molten jaggery and then shaped like big laddoos. Also known as Lai Ke Laddoo in some states, this one if often flavoured with cardamom as well. 

Kheel Kebab

Also known as Murmura Tikki, this North Indian puffed rice for weight loss snack is perfect as a starter too. The puffed rice is soaked in curd, water and corn flour, then mixed with onions, chillies, capsicum and coriander leaves—along with some spices—to form a soft tikki dough. The Kheel Kebab are then shaped and shallow fried, baked or air fried and served with chutney. 

Murmure Appe

A low-calorie variation of the South Indian appe or paniyaram, Murmure Appe is the perfect puffed rice for weight loss dish for any major meal. The puffed rice is soaked in a mix of curd, semolina, chopped onions, chillies and coriander leaves. A bit of soda or fruit salt is added to give the mix a quick ferment, and then the Murmure Appe are cooked up in a paniyaram pan and served with chutney.