Jazz Up Your Evenings With An Exotic Menu At This Diner
Image Credit: Edamame And Truffle Dimsums/The Piano Man

For the unversed, Eurasian cuisine is a fusion of European and Asian foods. The two are infused with one another in such a way that the resulting dish hints at the memories of both the cuisines. Bringing to us this exotic fare, The Piano Man located in 32nd Avenue, Gurugram is hosting a special Eurasian menu called the Chef’s Table curated by Chef Manoj Pandey, Executive Chef at The Piano Man. 

Currently only available at the Gurugram outlet, the plan is to expand it and serve the Delhi patrons too. As soon as one enters the restaurant, the eyes are enamoured by the shining chandelier hanging from the ceiling right in front of the stage where the grand piano is sitting quietly in peace. However, as the sun sets, the vibe of the place transforms into a groovy jazz club, with live music entertaining the diners. Grabbing a seat in front, we got the best view of the performance while a six-course meal was served to us at our table. 

Sipping on a mint-based mojito, we glanced at the menu which consisted of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The meal began with amuse bouche that comprised of sushi tacos. A delicious amalgamation of two varied cuisines, the nori used for making sushi was deep-fried and shaped as a taco, wrapped with a filling of vinegared radish, rice, carrots and tempura prawns on top. The vegetarian version consisted of cream cheese, balsamic caviar and avocado gel. 

Source: Sushi Tacos/The Piano Man

Next up was a soul-soothing soups that perfectly complimented the warm and fuzzy ambience of the place. Deconstructed Tom Kha and Sweet Potato and Miso soup were the two delights we slurped and enjoyed to the core. The former was a Thai coconut soup, with subtle hints of sweet and spicy while the latter was a creamy, sweet Japanese-style soup made with miso sauce. From soups, we moved on to salads which were so beautifully-presented that we digged into them with a heavy heart. 

Source: Beetroot Carpaccio/The Piano Man

While on one hand, there was a refreshing crab and avocado salad that was spicy and tangy, on the other hand, beetroot carpaccio was a creamy, sweet salad that satiated our sweet tooth. Just before heading on to the mains, the edamame and truffle dimsums melted in our mouth and were the perfect end to the appetizer course. From the several offerings in the main course, we opted for the Gnocchi and chorizo crusted lamb rack. While the former was a creamy, potato-based dish covered in a thick pumpkin sauce, the latter was definitely a heavenly treat for all meat lovers. 

Source: Edamame And Truffle Dimsums/The Piano Man

The lamb shanks were cooked in red wine and covered with a crusty exterior which was complemented by the creamy avocado mash that surrounded the edges of the plate. After a hearty main course, it was time was a chilled and sweet dessert. The matcha and macaron pairing was quite commendable, as we took a bite of the flavoured macarons with one hand and scooped a bite of the matcha ice cream from the other. 

Source: Sushi Tacos/The Piano Man

    Soya sauce




    Make tempura batter and lightly dip the nori sheets in them and fry. Fold and keep aside.

    Make the pickled vegetables and keep aside. 

    Dice the cucumber and mix in with cream cheese and keep aside. 

    Mix the sticky rice with togarashi powder and salt. 

    Tempura fry shrimps till crisp. 

For assembly: 

    In nori sheet, press in the sticky rice on to the sides. 

    add cucumber and cream cheese and then pickled vegetables. 

    Put the tempura prawn on top. 

    Drizzle with teriyaki sauce and finally sprinkle with sesame seeds