Craving Asian? This New Eatery In Delhi Is Everything You Need
Image Credit: Image: Instagran

Asian cuisine has been a mainstay for Indian diners since a long time now. Thanks to the similar flavours used in both cuisines, Indians love to nosh upon the chilli sauces and curries that the Chinese cuisine offers and are now evolving their palate to other Asian cuisines too including Japanese. So, we can now see an increased popularity of sushi as well. No wonder we have a host of stunning Asian restaurants coming up in Delhi NCR. And NAO by Berco's, is the latest addition in the list to make the Asian food lovers slurp.  

Nestled in the bustling and vibrant GK-2 Market in South Delhi, NAO or Next Asian Outing backed by the legendary team of Berco's, offers an expansive menu spanning across Asian countries. Going beyond the quintessential Chinese delicacies, the team of NAO has incorporated some very interesting items that are set to leave you spellbound. The moment you set foot at NAO, the modern and vibrant interiors will have you clicking pictures for the ‘gram. The cosy little place is lit up with LED lights, highlighting Asian motifs and artworks. We got ourselves a seat in the outdoor area, stunningly done with indoor plants and a graffiti wall. 

We started off our meal with Asian chilli burrata, creamy yet balanced with a hint of chilli jam and crunch of croutons. Perfect start to the meal! For starters, the Korean fried chicken with BBQ sauce is a great pick, besides five spiced chicken – two dishes that had us instantly hooked! NAO’s super salmon sushi roll and Philly chilli cheese dim sum also had us swooning. The burst of cream as soon as we had the dim sum was an unmissable experience.  

Another recommendation would be the Singapore Chilli fish – the perfect balance of sweet and chilli sauce was a treat to the taste buds. You can also sample some amazing rice, noodles and bowl meal options. We also sampled the Dan Dan Spaghetti, and it was immensely satisfying. The Stone Bowl with noodles and Korean chilli sauce is one interesting concept, that many taste buds may not prefer due to the strong flavour of the sauces, spices and herbs. 

We ended our meal on an interesting, sweet note with Tub Tim Crob- a Thai dessert which comes with jellied water chestnut in coconut cream. Did you know this dessert has been named as one of the world's best 50 desserts by CNN Travel?  

So, the next time you think Asian, you know where to find it all together for a memorable affair.