Jacqueliene Fernandez’ Meals Include Dal-Rice & Mock Chicken

Once you start a food spree, it can be hard to stop – and Jacqueliene Fernandez would know something about that! The actress, who shared a series of photos from her lunch break in-between shots, was seated at her dressing table from where she posted mirror selfies while enjoying a lunch that was unusual and interesting. Keeping her simple meal of dal-chawal company, was a large serving of coffee from a popular chain. The table also held a bowl that was loaded with apples and bananas, which remained out of frame for the most part.

Following her sneak peek of her no-frills meal, Fernandez went on to share glimpses from her dinner at a brand-new, all-vegetarian Mumbai restaurant – Charlee. The speakeasy, owned by Suren Joshi – a popular restaurateur from the city, branded to be a haven for cocktail lovers, dished up plant-based equivalents of some Indian restaurant classics. Among this, the actress raved about a tandoori mock chicken dish, that she posted on her social media – showcasing a morsel she held up from a plate that also contained green chutney and a salad of thinly sliced cucumber.

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Although not frequent with sharing her foodie adventures with fans, Fernandez popularly owns two restaurants herself. Her first venture – Kaema Sutra – was thrown open to diners in Sri Lanka, and became largely successful, whereas the Mumbai-based Pali Thai shut down shortly after it was launched. Fernandez, who is otherwise committed to practicing a healthy eating lifestyle, is known to include plenty of protein, brown rice and quinoa, along with healthy fats and nuts in her everyday dietary routines.