Italian Gastronomy: 5 Easy Pizza Sauces You Can Make At Home
Image Credit: To satisfy the palate here are five alternate pizza sauces that you can try at home.

No matter what day it is, a pizza can turn around a pizza lover’s day in a flash. There’s something about the crunchy base, the decadent toppings and the mozzarella that can set everything straight. Personally, I love pizzas in all shapes, sizes with all kinds of toppings with all my heart. The varieties of pizzas provided by pizza eateries are enough to keep me going for an entire week. Be it a good weekend or a bad day at work, pizzas are my go-to comfort food. Although there are a lot of varieties in the toppings section, very few pizza eateries provide options for sauces. The classic tomato sauce is not bad but the palate seeks change sometimes. Hence, to satisfy the palate, here are five alternate pizza sauces that you can try at home.

1. Pesto 

Give a more Italian touch to your pizza by adding pesto as the base sauce. Top it with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese for enhanced flavours and a blend of beautiful colours in your pizza. 

2. Hummus 

Want to try a fusion? Try incorporating the Middle Eastern delicious Hummus in your pizza. Not only taste but the sauce will also add nutrition to your pizza. Are you still waiting for your cheat day? 

3. Buffalo Sauce 

Add the hot, creamy and acidic buffalo sauce to your pizza base to tantalize your palate with spicy flavours. Top the pizza with subtly spicy ingredients to balance the flavours. Don’t forget to add a generous amount of cheese though. (wink-wink)

4. Marinara Sauce 

Who doesn’t love a garlic-y and herbaceous touch to pizza? At least I do. Easy to make and laborsaving, Marinara sauce is the cousin of the classic pizza sauce and is enough to fill your palate with delicious flavours. 

5. White Garlic Sauce 

Add a buttery, garlic-y and delicious white sauce to your pizza base and top it with grilled chicken or veggies of your choice to go with it. We bet you won’t regret trying this pizza. However, you can reduce the amount of cheese if you don’t want a rich pizza. 

We hope we have sorted your pizza game for the upcoming weekend with these five delicious sauces. Try them out at home and let us know how you like them.