Iron Fortified Pasta: Why Do We Need To Add It To Our Diet?
Image Credit: With iron fortification, your favourite pasta is now healthier and tastier | Pexels

Pasta has become a quick, easy and comforting dish for many Indian families. A bowl of creamy pasta is a meal in itself and that is what makes the dish so popular. While the taste factor does make pasta a top choice when it comes to family meals, with Weikfield’s Iron Fortified Pasta, your favourite treat, is now super healthy too!

One bowl of Weikfield’s Iron Fortified Pasta has Iron that is equal to Iron from 2 bowls of spinach. This surely makes it one of the best meals to serve the kids in the family. Since iron deficiency is the leading cause of anaemia in women, this pasta can be a bowl full of bliss for the ladies! Fortification with Vitamin B12 and Folic acid helps in better absorption of Iron, making the pasta a super convenient and healthy option. And the best part is that the pasta retains its taste, texture, and familiarity, effortlessly integrating into our daily lives.

Now, some very obvious questions arise – what is the need for iron fortified pasta? What are its benefits? Why do we really need to add it to our diet? Well, to begin answering those questions, we would first need to know what iron fortification is. It refers to the process of adding iron to food products with the goal of increasing the iron content and improving their nutritional value. This practice is commonly used to address iron deficiency and anaemia, which are significant public health concerns. This rings especially true for India, where anaemia is a huge cause of concern for women. Considering how pasta is a loved dish and how important it is to add sufficient iron to your diet – the combination of taste and health that Weikfield’s Iron Fortified Pasta is providing is truly great.

Benefits of iron fortified pasta

Anaemia Prevention: Iron deficiency anemia is a common condition characterised by a decrease in red blood cells and a reduced ability of the blood to carry oxygen. Consuming iron-fortified pasta can help prevent and manage anaemia, as it contributes to increasing iron intake and improving overall iron status.


Iron-fortified pasta offers a convenient way to enhance your iron intake without making significant changes to your diet. It can easily replace regular pasta in various dishes without altering the taste or texture of the meal. And Weikfield’s Iron Fortified Pasta is definitely healthy, tasty and completely true to the taste of regular pasta.

Accessible Source of Iron

As we mentioned earlier, pasta is consumed widely and loved by many people. By fortifying pasta with iron, it becomes an accessible source of this essential mineral for a broad range of people, including those who might not have access to diverse iron-rich foods due to various reasons like affordability or lack of knowledge about iron-rich foods.

Support During High Iron Needs

Certain life stages, such as pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence, require higher iron intake due to increased physiological demands. Iron-fortified pasta can provide a convenient and palatable way to support higher iron needs during these critical periods.

Reduced Risk of Excessive Iron Intake

Fortified foods are designed to provide controlled amounts of nutrients, helping to prevent both deficiencies and excesses. Iron-fortified pasta is formulated to contribute to a healthy iron intake without risking excessive iron consumption, which can have negative health implications.

Versatility in Cooking

Iron-fortified pasta can be used in a variety of dishes, from traditional pasta recipes to salads, soups, and casseroles. This versatility makes it easy to incorporate into your regular meals. So, Weikfield Pasta can help you cook up a storm and remain healthy at the same time.

Disclaimer- *Fortified with iron, folic acid and vitamin b12. "Iron from one bowl (100 g) of Weikfield Fortified Pasta is equal to the iron from two bowls of Spinach (1 bowl measures 150 ml capacity). Reference for Nutritional values of Spinach: Indian Food Composition Tables 2017. Reference for Weikfield Pasta Nutrition Analysis - NABL Accredited Lab- FareLabs