Internet Shocked By Viral Gold And Silver Pani Puri

Crisp, hollow puris filled with a tangy water and tamarind chutney – the pani puri is truly a street food lover’s delight. Given how the internet has been adding its own bizarre twists and spins on popular foods, the latest food to fall prey to this was the pani puri – which has previously had its fair share of twists; from maaza to avocado we’ve seen it all! However, who would’ve imagined an avant garde gold and silver leaf pani puri until now?

A video that has been doing the rounds of social media lately shows two food vloggers from Ahmedabad sampling the rather luxurious looking offering from a chain outlet. Served on an ornate golden platter, the delicacy shows six pieces of hollowed out puris filled with dry fruits, nuts, honey and served with vials of thandai-flavoured pani. Once filled, the puris are wrapped in gold and silver warq before those interested can enjoy it.

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Unlike the usual pani puri which is a savoury delicacy, this sweet spin that pushes the aesthetic value further, was met with mixed reactions from netizens – most of whom seemed shocked by the spin-off, While one user deemed this version ‘absolutely unnecessary’, another said that they would never mess with their pani puri. Some confused viewers also questioned the purpose behind the need for such a version – sparking conversations that had a mixed bunch of amused and fascinating reactions. Garnering over 2 million views on social media, this shiny pani puri has stolen the spotlight. Tell us in the comments if this is something you would try!