International Yoga Day 2024: Essential Pre And Post-Yoga Foods
Image Credit: Unsplash

Since yoga is a traditional practice that was developed in India, people all over the world have adopted it as a means of promoting their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 to be International Yoga Day annually since yoga has become so widely accepted and has such a significant global influence. As expected, there are yoga sessions at the community and national levels on International Yoga Day. In India, those attending include dignitaries and celebrities.

Because it enhances health, boosts energy, and preserves general well-being, a balanced diet is crucial for yoga practitioners. A complete meal with minerals, proteins, and healthy fats should be had before and after yoga sessions to promote optimal stamina. 

Therefore, Slurrp interviewed Fitness Trainer and Certified Nutritionist, Rahul Sachdev to help the readers understand what foods to eat before and after your yoga sessions to increase its effectiveness on this International Yoga Day.

What To Eat Pre-Yoga?

Rahul stated, "No five-course meals are recommended just before a yoga lesson, and you should avoid going to the buffet. Feeling nauseous during a lesson might be caused by large meals that settle in your stomach. Nevertheless, you also shouldn't practise yoga when you're hungry," he added.

"An hour or so before you travel to the studio, try to have a little snack. You still get to benefit from the spike in blood sugar, but your digestive tract has more time to work to get the meal out of your stomach," Rahul continued.

Rahul further went on and claimed these are the best foods you should eat before a yoga session, "Apple slices, dates, healthy granola bars, fresh berries, a glass of lemon water with some sea salt or pink salt, homemade light smoothies or protein shakes, and hard-boiled eggs make excellent pre-yoga options." He stated that the reason is that these foods are high in fibre and provide the protein and carbohydrates required to fuel your body for an optimum yoga session.

What To Eat Post-Yoga?

Moving on to the post-yoga diet, Rahul stated that it is important to fuel your body optimally after you are done with your session. "It is important to stay hydrated, and after yoga, prioritise hydration by drinking cucumber- or lemon-infused water to help replenish the electrolytes and nutrients," he stated.

Rahul further continued, "You should also fuel your body with protein right after working on exercise. In order for your muscles to recuperate after a strenuous workout, they must repair their cells, which require protein. Try to eat yoghurt, bananas, hardboiled eggs, sliced cheese, milk, or protein shakes to get some protein and carbs."

He also mentioned why a serving of fruit would benefit greatly after a yoga session by saying, "Fresh fruit contains glucose, which can help you boost your energy levels again since you've burned off so much of your energy reserves via sweating."

"Eat some scrambled eggs after your session with some chicken or a bowl of oatmeal with Greek yoghurt and seeds to nourish your body. You can also make your protein smoothie by adding peanut butter, bananas, yoghurt, milk, seeds, some fruits, and more to help you recuperate," he concluded.